Cordless Screwdriver Review

Cordless Screwdriver Overview: Introduction

Choosing a cordless screwdriver is not as easy as 1 may possibly believe. The heart of the issue is the huge variety in terms of models, electrical power , batteries and pricing that confronts any particular person who’s looking to acquire one particular. The object of this article is to assist you coming to a decision which would be the greatest for you in your certain situation. Incidentally – when you take into account buying one particular for your husband or your dad, you ought to take a appear at this lens as effectively!

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The following two concerns are standard to producing your ultimate option:

1. Use: What do you intend employing it for?

Driving in screws, certainly, and/or backing screws out, or do you want to drill some holes as nicely? An active DIYer will have one thing else in thoughts than somebody who actually requirements a tool like this just for the essentials. Maybe you already have a cordless drill/driver? Why buy a screwdriver then as properly? Obviously, your drill/driver can do every little thing a cordless screwdriver can do and considerably far more, but a devoted cordless screwdriver has positive aspects as properly, making obtaining one particular in addition to your cordless drill/driver not such a poor notion at all. For one particular, your cordless screwdriver will constantly be a lot more compact and light-fat and so considerably less difficult to use and will negotiate a hard tiny corner greater than your bulky (and heavier) drill/driver. Obviously, for a lot of jobs you do not want your 18V drill/driver and your 6V screwdriver will do just fine!

2. Spending budget concerns:

Whatever you intend utilizing it for, your determination will eventually be established by what you have in mind paying out for the product. The good news is, you will have enough versions to pick from in all the price tag ranges, as can be noticed under. The cost variation in cordless screwdrivers is huge: The most popular cordless screwdriver on Amazon, the
Black & Decker PD600 , sells for $29.97, whereas the DEWALT DC520KA will price you $244.99. Plainly 1 will have to evaluate these screwdrivers according to price ranges. It will not make any sense comparing a screwdriver of less than $50 with one costing much more than $200.

In addition to use and budget considerations, the following factors will also play a function in the final decision:
3. Dimension and bodyweight
four. Versatility
five. Electrical power
six. Battery

How considerably torque do you need to have to drive in a screw? There is no straightforward answer to this query. It depends on a number of items, like the diameter and length of the screw, the toughness of the wood you are driving the screw into and whether you are drilling a pilot hole or not. Understanding the idea of “torque” is in any case not that effortless. How a lot of individuals understand what one thing like 180 in.-lbs in fact implies? The very good issue is that it truly does not matter that significantly. Anybody will recognize that a torque of 180 in.-lbs is a lot more than, say, 50 in.-lbs. You will also come to recognize that you do not need to have that considerably torque for light screw driving jobs as is obtainable in a effective 18V cordless drill/driver.

Finally, do not make the mistake of evaluating the torque made by cordless screwdrivers with that of cordless drill/drivers. Torque of 500 in-lbs is quite common. (How about the massive 2.two ft.-lbs of the Bosch 11536VSR Litheon 36-Volt Lithium-Ion one-Inch SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer !) On the other hand, the most strong cordless screwdrivers (the Dewalt models, see beneath) make “only” 180 in.-lbs! Torque of 20-80 in.-lbs is widespread in cordless screwdrivers, which looks ridiculous as compared to the power of drills. So this comparison does not really make any sense cordless screwdrivers are quite capable of undertaking what is expected from them, even even though their torque seems ridiculously minimal compared to that of cordless drill/drivers .

The electrical power accessible in cordless drill/drivers is largely for drilling and has to be managed extremely very carefully (with the clutch settings) when driving in screws, or else you end up stripping each screw or snatching off the screw head (as I have done a lot more than as soon as!). On best of this using so significantly energy when drilling little holes or driving in little screws is not a very good concept. These drill/drivers are also so a lot heavier and bigger.

In terms of torque I have categorized the cordless screwdrivers in three groups:

1. Much less than 50 in.-lbs torque
2. 70-one hundred in.-lbs
three. 180 in.-lbs

The screwdriver both has to be of the “pistol grip” sort or has to have an articulating head or adjustable deal with for negotiating an awkward angle. For this reason inline drivers not recommended. They perform fine till you have to drive in a screw where the instrument are not able to be aligned specifically in line with the screw. On the other hand, they are really inexpensive and need to be Ok if you actually never want to devote much more than $20, but nevertheless have a instrument that is far better than an ordinary screwdriver.