How to Make Distinctive Wood and Cork Coasters

Homemade Artsy Collage Coasters

Have you ever utilized a drink coaster? You probably have. Have you ever created a drink coaster? Most likely not.

Guess what. I have! I can even tell you how to make them and how to add your personal personal taste to them. It might take a bit of function, but the end end result is fabulous. Not only that, they are one particular-of-a-kind. No a single else in the globe has coasters really like mine, and no 1 else in the planet will have coasters quite like yours!

If you have entry to power equipment or a woodworking spot, you can make them completely from scratch. If you never have access to any of that, there are even now ways that you can create distinctive collage coasters of your own.

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When I was in tenth grade in higher college, I took woodshop. I had been waiting and waiting and waiting for years to consider that class. I had taken it for a quarter of the year in sixth grade and fell in really like. The issue was, they got rid of the system in my middle college, and students weren’t allowed to take it till tenth grade in large college. Most students took it just so they could slack off for 1 hour out of the day. Not me.

Coasters weren’t the initial issue I produced. I also manufactured a jewellery chest with drawers, a light switch cover, my name in wooden letters, and a serving tray, but I’ll save those tutorials for later pages. The coasters, nevertheless, ended being the prettiest, most special point I developed. I acquired the original notion from my instructor, but I added my own flair by collage-ifying them. It just about killed me simply because I absolutely adore the search of normal wood, but, in the finish, I was glad I did!

Some of my best high college recollections are from that class, so it really is good to have something like these coasters to adorn my room with to remind of all the entertaining I had.

Truly feel like a correct woodworking craftsmen by carrying out the whole thing oneself. If a 15-year-previous can do it, so can you!


Each coaster is 4×4 inches and about one/2 inches thick, made up of two pieces of wood and a single piece of cork.

Every piece of wood is 4×4 inches and about 1/4 inch thick.

Each and every piece of cork is 3 inches diameter and about one/4 inch thick.

Materials Necessary
Cork board (adequate for eight circles that are three inches in diameter)
Plywood that is the very same thickness as your cork (or any wood, but the look of the wood isn’t important if you’re going to cover it)
Two boards of 8×16 inches (helps make eight)
Two boards of 12×12 inches (can make nine) A drill press
A 3 inch diameter hole noticed (goes in the drill press)
A table noticed or miter saw
Wood glue
Pen and pencil
A paintbrush
The things under are the recommended sizes to make a set of at least eight coasters. The plywood and cork are one/4 inch, and there is loads of every single.

Use a pencil to measure and mark your plywood into 16 (or twice the amount of coasters you want) sections that are each and every 4×4 inches,
Use a table noticed or miter saw to lower out every single piece.
Use a drill press and hole saw to reduce a hole in half of the wood pieces.
Use a drill press and hole noticed to lower out eight (or the variety of coasters you want) pieces of cork.
Match up a single piece of square wood with 1 piece that has a hole and one piece of cork.
Spot the wood with a hole on prime of the solid square with cork in the hole, and glue.
Sand the edges to make them smooth.


Go by means of magazines ripping out phrases, photos, and pages that you like.
Rip out huge regions that appear decorative because your coasters want a bottom, also!
Reduce your pieces down to dimension as you want them to seem, leaving a bit extra due to the fact some will overlap.
To minimize close to the cork circle, lay the paper down where you want it, use a pen to lightly trace the curve of the circle, reduce it out, then glue down the paper.
Do not overlook the sides and bottom.
When every little thing is glued, apply lacquer above the paper but not in excess of the cork. The much more layers of lacquer, the better protected from liquid the paper is. Start with a light layer although to not smear the ink on the paper.

I got my inspiration just from seeking via the magazines I had. I went for a girly, artistic, fantasy really feel. The choices are countless though. You can decorate them all in accordance to the same theme or all diverse. You can make girly, manly, or neutral. You can use all images or all text. You can make them color or black and white.


Here are some ideas:
Eyes, lips, or other facial attributes
Plants and greenery
Motivational words
Fairy Tales
Food and drink

If all else fails, you can use your personal photos to customize coasters from Zazzle by way of the link below.

Develop Coasters Now!

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