2 Car Garage Plans – Garage Plans

3) Car Lift Ready Garages

Properly sized 2 car garage plans will add value to your home, save you a lot of future aggravation and could save you some money. There are hundreds of free and almost free garage plans available for purchase or immediate download from the internet. Make a bad choice and you may actually decrease the value of your home.

First, decide the number and size of vehicles you will be parking in your garage. Map your dimensions correctly so that you’ll have the room you need for the vehicles that will be housed in your building. This includes cars, trucks, boats and motor homes. When searching for RV garage plans you may even consider installing front and rear doors for an easy drive through option, which eliminates the need to back your vehicle in and out of your garage.

When you are looking for garage plans, keep in mind that it will be very hard to find floor plans that would exactly match the area that you plan to utilize. There will be a need for you to just work around the dimensions and specifications.

Certainly not last on the list, it is also essential to consider cost when it comes to choosing the detached garage plans that are best for you. Staying within your budget is one of the best things you can do throughout the construction process. Knowing what you need in a garage, what you want, how you want it to look and the amenities you need to include are all important factors for building a garage but being financially prepared for this type of project should be top on your list.

In addition to valuable storage space, room for a garage workbench, toolbox, shelving, etc., your cars are less likely to get door dings, you won’t have to back out of the garage to let someone climb in and your mini storage costs will go down. The resale value of your home will also likely go up in the future and your home may even sell sooner than a similar one with a smaller garage. What’s the bottom line? When you search for 2 car garage plans, it really pays to be picky.

2. The practical uses of having a detached garage

1. Plan one is 20′ wide. With 30″ between two average cars (about 6’3″ wide each) and between your cars and the walls, your garage must be a least 20′ wide. There is no room for shelving.

These have large overhead doors on both sides that enable you to move large vehicles in and out of the garage easily. This is particularly convenient if you have a trailer in tow which is kept in the garage along with the vehicle.