5 Steps to Build a Pergola Using Pergola Plans – Pergola Plans

First, make sure that the wood that you are using for this project was made for outdoor use. This is to make sure that it won’t deteriorate in outdoor conditions such as rain or snow. To this end, make sure that it’s sealed and coated, so that it’s protected from the elements. Also, make sure that you already know where you’re going to set up your pergola, so that you can take the right measurements and you make sure the lumber is cut right.

When choosing pergola plans, there are several different sizes. You should decide what size is appropriate for the space you have available in your yard or garden area.

The materials used to make them are concrete, wood or metal. However, there also are pergolas which come with beams that are made of hard synthetic materials. They are light in weight, and are quite easy to assemble.

Step 5 – Cover the Pergola

Once you’ve make sure that everything is try, give it a couple days before you place a cover over it. You can easily find these cover in stores or online. Make sure that that they are canvas or some other material that way they can withstand the elements. You can put the cover of your choice on top of the pergola. You can find hooks to attach the cover to the polls.

Ever feel like there’s something quite missing in your yard landscape. A pergola might just be the missing structure to make your garden come alive. And the good thing is, it’s easy to build too. Quality wood pergola plans will be all you need for this project.


Do you have an area that is fairly level? Decide where you want to locate your pergola. This can be in an area that is already cleared and level, or you can choose another area that you love and do the appropriate groundwork. Make sure you choose the perfect location, as it will be difficult to move if you should decide you want it in another location.

Size of pergola