A Beginner’s Guide to Woodworking – free birdhouse plans

In your birdhouse plans you must incorporate a design that adds to inhabitants’ safety. Simple things such as the size of the access hole and how the birdhouse is mounted can be life-and-death decisions. The access hole must be large enough to allow easy ingress and egress, but small enough to discourage predators, such as snakes or other birds and animals. Mount your birdhouse such as to keep it out of reach of predators such as cats or squirrels. For instance a birdhouse mounted on a six-foot pole, with the pole smeared with petroleum jelly or hot pepper would be sufficient disincentive for a hungry cat looking for a dinner date in your birdhouse. Pointing the access hole away from the direction of prevailing winds would also contribute to protecting the winged creatures from harm. Keep your birdhouse free of any protruding parts that could harm your birds, such as screws or nails.

To my great surprise, I found a wonderful website that has thousands of good plans for buildings of any size. I actually found a building the exact size the wife and I thought we would need.

Before you start off with the process make sure that you have all the components ready with you. After going through the different plans, you can then zero in on the one that is ideally suited to your needs. Make sure that you go in for a guide that comes with illustrations of the entire procedure. If the guide contains video lessons, then it is even more preferable.

Bacteria flourishes in a wet environment. Presence of drainage is an important requirement in installing a birdhouse. This prevents mold growth and bacterial contamination which can harm the entire colony. Paint, most of which contains toxic fumes and substances, should not be used because chipped portions may appear as food to the birds. An ideal birdhouse should simulate the birds’ natural environment for them to feel really at home. Thus, aside from sufficient availability of food, the dwelling should be located nearby water sources for the birds to drink and bathe in. The bird bath should have a heater installed during winter to prevent water from freezing.

I set out to educate myself in the art of shed building. I searched online and learned some important truths about building, such as the importance of the foundation, and building codes for my area of town. Plus I learned a project this size required a building permit.

Following these steps will yield a replica birdhouse that with proper placement and maintenance will provide years of enjoyment. We recommend that the houses be located in a shady, sheltered area to minimize weathering and that the birdhouses be moved inside during the winter months. With time, the replica birdhouse will need to be refinished.

When determining the size of your bird house it’s important to consider not only the structure you are replicating, but also how the completed bird house will be mounted and displayed and how many nesting chambers your birdhouse will feature. Typically, our custom replica birdhouses are about 2′ wide x 3′ deep x 16″-18″ tall, and feature two nesting boxes.

One of the most important things to have when building a birdhouse, other than the wood, are the tools. You don’t need too many tools to build a good quality birdhouse. All that I ever use when I build a birdhouse are a miter saw, bandsaw, jigsaw, drill press, and a nail gun. There are many other tools that you could use when building a birdhouse but these are the only ones I ever find myself using.

To give yourself an idea if its something you really want to do, or something you can do, start off by observing. Try to find people that you know are quite handy with woodworking designs and find out if they mind if you watch them for awhile. Maybe you could even offer to help them out on a project or two. After awhile, if you find you haven’t lost interest then its time for you to get started on your own woodworking adventure. Maybe check around at the community colleges to see if they offer beginner’s courses specifically to do with woodworking plans. If they do and you have some spare time it would be advisable to participate in one. It will give you a sound start to as to knowing what your next step is, and what you require by way of investment in tools and supplies.

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