A Brief Overview of Amish Furniture – amish furniture

• Children’s: beds, dressers, chairs and benches, dolls and doll furniture, highchairs, tables, crib and toys.

Amish furniture is some of the most reliable and sturdy furniture you can buy. It is passed down from generation to generation and becomes a family heirloom. The Amish people are extremely hard-working and they take great pride in constructing their furniture the right way, even if it takes longer or is harder to complete. Prior to selling custom furniture to people all over the United States, they originally made furniture for their own families. They haven’t changed their standards or quality of the furniture they now produce for your family.

The Amish woodworking techniques are very distinct. Most Amish beliefs prohibit the use of electricity, so other means of power are used to drive the tools. The convenience of heavy power is much associated to large manufacturers and an assembly-line process, yet Amish woodworkers attempt to sacrifice no grace or elegance of style in relation to working primarily with their hands – especially to provide intense detail to the pieces.

Amish furniture, such as Amish dining room furniture, or Amish bedroom sets, Amish outdoor furniture or Amish custom furniture is thought to be the epitome of good furniture. It is this furniture that is much sought after; valued and prized by many who have a taste for the finer things in life. What is it that makes Amish furniture such as great idea? What are the characteristics that make it so desirable and attractive? Well there are many reasons; here are just 5 of them:

Why is this type of furniture so popular? The products are made from one-hundred percent wood in addition to the meticulous detail given to each piece. Workers hand-select the wood in regards to each intended piece of Amish furniture. The Amish’s devotion to their craft and their intent for the furniture to be used for generations are two more reasons many people elect to seek Amish-made furniture.

Quality of Raw Materials used: The Amish generally use hard woods for the furniture that they make. They always use solid wood such as cherry, oak, maple etc.; no use is ever made of particle board and other short cut techniques that you routinely see employed in mass produced furniture. The hard wood that is used for Amish made furniture is the kind that is slow growing. Since the wood is slow growing, it is also very durable and long lasting. It is for this reason that Amish furniture is generally thought of as heirloom furniture that is passed on from one to another generation.

• Home Accessories and Art: Amish art, bookends, Bible boxes and holders.

Amish furniture is handcrafted and unique. They pay close attention to the details in each piece of wood while making the furniture and they choose the piece of wood specifically to complement the piece of furniture they are constructing. They do not use cheap laminate or particle board – they use only solid wood such as oak, hickory, cherry, maple or brown maple, and quartersawn oak. The majority of custom furniture also includes resistovar finish which is a tough, durable finish that can typically resist most chemicals, paint thinners, acetone, etc.

The mission furniture style of solid wood dining tables will grace any dining room, irrespective of whether they originate from Stickley or traditional Amish sources. They are crafted using genuine natural wood joints, totally lacking the presence of screws or nails.

When searching for authentic Amish furniture people should use caution and learn how to spot the imposter furniture pieces and furniture makers. However, imposter furniture may be easier to spot than a dishonest company.