A Look Into the World of Wood Working – wood plans

Or the opposite can be true, there is just not enough information with free plans leaving you frustrated and discouraged. Getting wood plans for free will often give you a nice overview of a project but can leave you hanging without step by step instructions. If you have a lot of woodworking knowledge free plans may be good enough for you.

As a beginner woodworker, you are full of passion and enthusiasm (with a touch of intrepidation, maybe). To ensure your passion is grows and is not doused with disappointment, you need to follow the advice of the masters and avoid a few beginner woodworking pitfalls.

There is never a question too small or too big, for them to share their expertise with you. They were a beginner at one time also, so they do not mind helping. One word of caution, go at the project at a rather slow pace, as it is so easy to get caught up in the wonderful plans, but you can only do one at a time.

If you decide to use nothing more than this piece of advice then I am happy – Dry fit all of your joints prior to gluing up! This simply means that you should fit all of your joints into the relevant other piece, IAW your wood plans, prior to using any kind of adhesive. The reason is that it’s the best method of finding any fitting problems that may arise which can then be solved before you have committed yourself to permanently attaching pieces together. As a beginner I made this error and, whilst it can be corrected, the frustration of hammering out a wonky wedged through mortise and tenon joint and damaging the tenon and the leg it was removed from, can easily be avoided by dry fitting and ensuring it is square prior to gluing.

Of course, not all toys are for kids. Protect your walls from stray darts and keep all of your supplies in one place by building a dartboard cabinet. These wood plans shows you how to build a shallow cabinet you can hang on the wall that will hold your board and supplies. Our favorite part of these woodworking plans are the small bit of chalkboard on the inside of the cabinet door for keeping score. It is a nice touch that makes the whole thing look super-professional.

The thought of taking any building project from beginning to end without visiting the best wood plans websites for some sort of blueprint or imagery is definitely a terrible one, but the best wood plans websites make everything easy by featuring thousands of fully illustrated walk-throughs. Not only are there blueprints and drawings, but many projects have photographs of each step in the build process to help the reader make sure they’re following along correctly and getting everything right. Pictures are invaluable in good woodworking plans, and they are found here in great abundance as well as videos.

Guessing whether you are seeing a 3, 5 or 8 can have disastrous effects. You could end up with a lid too small or drawers too big.

As you know free doesn’t always mean free. Quite often a lot of sites will entice you using the word “FREE” in their title some where, after all we are naturally drawn to free stuff. Then when you go to the site you find wood plans for free that are incomplete or so general that they are not really plans at all. (Just a word of caution.)

I think what really keeps simple wood plans simple is having the proper tools for the specific task. You can try and fit a square peg in a round hole by shaving it with your utility knife but it is a lot easier sanding it to size with your belt sander turned sideways. You can rip a board with your circular saw but it’s a heck of a lot faster and smoother using a table saw. Learn to get the most out of your tools to keep things simple.

Wood craft is simply creating unique pieces with your own hands. It takes a brilliant, creative mind to come up with classy wooden pieces but it takes a hefty amount of patience and skill to perfect that image in mind. The art of creating wooden pieces isn’t exactly easy nor is it cheap. It is nonetheless an investment that is worth every penny.