A Simple and Versatile Workbench Design – woodworking workbench

Before you start any woodworking project the first thing you need a an area where you will build the project. This can be a basement, garage or shed, as long as you have enough room to safely construct the project you plan to work on. When setting up your construction area there are some things you should think about. You will want to keep that area clean and organized to insure safe working, remember that you will be using power tools and most likely saws when working on your woodworking project.

Think about this – think about how much time you waste scanning around looking for that tool you just had in your hand only seconds ago. If your workbench is a mess, this probably happens to you a lot. It’s a frustrating, maddening waste of time.

Finley Products Workbench Kit, Black – You can create a workbench, worktable or power tool stand with this kit. You would have to add 2×4″ plywood or particleboard to the legs to make one of the above mentioned products of any length and width up to 8″L X4″W X 3″H. The assembly is simple and all that you would need is powered screwdriver and a saw.

Decide the wood before you start your work

Like the dog is man’s best friend, so is the woodworking bench to a woodworker. But also, it’s quite an important tool; without it, your woodworking workshop may lack its edge. It’s absolutely critical to choose a quality woodworking bench, either portable or stationary. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, so it’s important for you to find out which one is the best for you. Anyway, having a good woodworking bench will make you finish your projects faster, but not only that. It will also ensure your safety at work and make sure you’re more accurate.

In the other scenario, I’d go for the stationary version. This time, weight is of not such a big importance, what matters is its height. This is because of the question of comfort, you want your woodworking workbench to be well-adjusted to your size. It’s important to always sit in a natural position at all times when working. You have to set the height the same as the height of your table saw. If you still want to build your own, then I advise you to just go to the mall and try out a few for size, so you’ll get a rough idea what you’re looking for. When you get to the process of building your own, here are some important areas to consider:

The style created in workbench design prefers the usage of your workbench in the garage. The most important thing you must do when you outline a workbench design is to work out all the things that you will be using to build a workbench. The workbench designs you create must suit your requirements.

Custom building your own bench is easy when your do not need it to change height. But, if you need to work at several height then purchasing a workbench is a good idea. If you buy a bench, try our a few and check them for comfort. Also check to see if it has adjustable height.

Or if you don’t have the floor space, you could go with wall hanging systems like pegboard. There are dozens of hanger designs made to fit right into standard pegboard – even storage bins. You get get a lot of the clutter off your workbench with this kind of setup if you are fastidious about using it.

At the laboratory where I work, I have a third bench, as a teaching aid and for research setups. To weigh it down, we pile the base with assorted scrap metal.