A Simple Woodworking Project in Five Steps for Beginners – small wood projects

Have you ever wanted to find a simple piece of furniture to fit neatly into a particular empty space, but couldn’t find a suitable item? The pieces in stores were either too wide, too narrow, too tall or just not the right thing. The solution might be to simply make the item yourself, even if you have little woodworking experience. These five steps can serve as a guide.

If you don’t find any small wood projects or anything appealing, then you can always make simple wood projects on your own. There are reputable sources which produce woodworking for beginners that will give you a lot of ideas for future woodworking tasks. So sooner or later, you will be able to make masterpieces on your own. Remember that you should write everything down from the tools, materials and instructions if you try to make your own project plan and always consider your skill level in woodworking.

Although it is more complex, it doesn’t take a large number of tools to construct it. All you will need are a circular saw, saber saw, electric drill, hammer and nail set. It does call for ripping a few boards to smaller dimensions. If you do not feel comfortable doing that yourself, you can easily have the lumberyard rip it to your specifications for you.

Step 2; Search the net for ideas, information and plans.

The fifth enticing wood project for boys is the bread box. Many people do not own a bread box. Building a wooden bread box for a kitchen is a unique concept. Large screwhole buttons can be used as knob handles for their bread box. Boys can paint or burn any particular design they wish into the sides. The sixth wood project is a tissue box cover. This is a great beginner project to do. Kids have the opportunity to practice sanding and applying varnish. It can also be given as a gift. The seventh fun wood project for boys is the birdhouse. There are various birdhouse building kits you can purchase that will make this project less of a daunting task. For younger boys the eighth project is a small step stool. Your toddler can gain confidence in knowing he helped dad make the step stool. Personalizing the stool with the child’s name or initials is a great extra touch. Building a toy truck is the ninth project younger boys love. Letting them paint the toy wheels or hammer is a fun bonding activity. The tenth wood project for boys is the jewelry box. Although, it does not sound manly making this wooden chest for mom to give on Mother’s Day or another special occasion is also an interesting project to do. The sky is the limit when you and your boys grab some plywood and a little imagination.

Start The Right Way

Another problem will be how to finish the rough edges of the shelves and sides that will show at the front of the project. The stores usually have a large variety of all kinds of matching strips that can be glued on and the store personnel would be happy to help you select them and show you how to apply them.

And it goes on with many more heirlooms, some of wood and some not. I hope you will see your future wood project as what it can be – a family treasure for generations to come.

Woodworking projects like birdhouses make great starter projects for boy, girl, and cub scout troops; 4-H clubs; other clubs and organizations; craft days; or in classrooms. If you provide some paint and paintbrushes when the projects are complete, the kids will take particular joy in decorating their individual birdhouses in unique and creative ways. And when you’re done, you’ll have lots of great places for the birds in your yard, park, playground, or neighborhood for birds to call home.

No one enjoys wood crafts more than boys. Their little eyes light up at the first sight of a woodworking bench. Sharing this hobby with them can be loads of fun. Building projects give them a chance to get their hands dirty and create something with meaning.