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It’s usually not necessary to employ the services of a private junk or garbage removal company for every trash situation, but there are certain circumstances that call for their expertise and equipment. If you need to get rid of a larger than normal amount of trash, or a larger than usual item, calling a professional trash removal company can make your life significantly easier.

So, follow all the tips and tricks and purchase the best trash compactor available in the market.

In Denmark, waste-to-energy plants are actually a reason to want to live in a community. In New York and other part of the US, they are considered a NIMBY eyesore.

Another essential service provided by private trash and junk hauling companies is being able to take away debris that is oversized or otherwise outside the purview of traditional trash services. If you’re getting a new washing machine for your home, for example, or a new water heater for your business, that probably means that you’re getting rid of the old ones. The question, then, is, what do you do with the previous models? When you need anything along the lines of appliance disposal or furniture disposal, calling on a private trash or junk hauling company is in your best interest. That way, you don’t run the danger of incurring a fine for improperly disposing of or dumping those items, and you’ll get the unwanted materials out of your hair in a timely fashion.

To start such a massive undertaking we need to consider a grid plan of attack and it must be done in sections. Although slums of Nairobi are every where throughout, they do not engulf the city, they do not completely surround it, as they are sprawling. Nevertheless to visualize this action plan concept think of a clock and each phase will be a slice of the pie. These areas must be bulldozed and people will have to leave temporarily and indeed also employed to work to build their section or other sections. Indeed, the slums and shanty towns in Nairobi are somewhat spread out and actually this makes it easier to deal with them as components of the larger total project.

Is it really that bad? Indeed, it is worse than that. What is being done? Well, there have been many “total plans” floated, but none have worked because they do not address the real issues. Low income housing multi-story buildings have been built but the people of the slums do not want to live there. There are people working with the slum communities from the inside, but they are overwhelmed with the HIV/AIDS, orphan children, disease, starvation and sanitation issues.

One particular category of equipment that is often called for is the trash pump. Trash pumps are, in the most basic sense, heavy-duty pumps that are designed to handle dewatering situations where the water to be removed contains a large amount of “trash”: solid materials, such as dirt, mud, rocks, dead leaves, branches, and so on. Like other dewatering pumps, trash pumps come in a variety of styles and sizes, and are capable of high levels of throughput (hundreds of litres per minute or more) when properly setup and maintained.

The homes which will be built will be concrete box like or honeycomb shaped with small rooms and toilets all single story or double story with lofts in some places for families. We are building basic shells nothing more. These small structures will be made in a “tilt-up” fashion. Concrete will be re-enforced with recycled materials.

Community water fountains in a grid plan will also be built and the pipes must be buried. Next roads will be built and paved with compacted dirt paths as sidewalks along both sides of street, so people can walk barefooted. Again, running 24-hours a day in order to prevent any equipment, materials or hand tools from being stolen.