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If you’re getting started with woodworking, eventually you will need to get general woodworking machinery that will help you with your craft. Actually all levels of woodworkers are using machinery including lathes, routers, grinders, mills and sanders, and all woodworkers know just how expensive these machines can get. And sadly you can’t just have one equipment doing all, you really need to invest in a couple of them to make the most of your woodworking craft.

Various woodworking related retailers will have all sorts of tools and equipment on sale so you might want to browse their pages for any discounts or even free shipping. They usually have a broader range of products that you will not be able to find locally. But don’t forget to check out the reputation of the online seller through the Better Business Bureau so that you don’t get scammed out of your money.

As you shop for used woodworking machines, the key to investing your money wisely is ensuring that a machine has been properly maintained. Companies that care about their machines always maintain a logged service maintenance record for each machine. By asking to see its maintenance record, you can ensure that a used woodworking machine will meet your business and economic needs at the same time.

Comparing Grades of Equipment

Extension Kit

The main points of PUWER include ensuring that the woodworking machinery you are using is:

Compared to industrial woodworking machinery, mid grade models also have limited capabilities and a short lifespan, which limit their value as used woodworking machinery. However, their capabilities may be robust enough to suffice for the capabilities of industrial equipment on a short-term basis. For example, a mid grade CNC router may achieve the production rate of an industrial model, but the strenuous operation makes it wear prematurely, which leads to frequent breakdowns and affects work quality.

A small industrial panel saw is usually cheaper than a larger saw, so it makes sense for companies that rarely need the capabilities of a large saw to opt for a smaller model. Combining an extension kit with a small saw creates a larger base for the wooden panel to slide on during cutting. This way shops that rarely need a large base can make these cuts with a small saw while saving money and space on the shop floor.

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