Barbecuing Indoors – Barbecue Plans

A good tip if you’re on a budget and have only a limited supply of meat is to arrange the buffet table so that your guests help themselves to salads, relishes, breads and so on first, so that they don’t fill their plates with meat!

They come in different shapes and sizes from those designed for cooking for two, up to models that can cook 10 servings at a time. Take a look at different models to see what cooking options are available. For example, some have a grill and a griddle, and some are even suitable for cooking toasted sandwiches and pizzas. If you are looking for a grill that is easy to clean, choose one with removable plates. Research the different options available until you find the one that will suit you the best.

Depending on where you’re holding your event, you also need to think about how long food is going to sit outside, especially if it is very sunny. Position your tables in the shade and be prepared to fill dishes up from side dishes kept in the fridge or in coolers, rather than leaving out one huge bowl of potato salad that may spoil if left out too long.

If you are cooking the food indoors but serving it in the garden, have platters ready to transfer the cooked food outdoors. It might be useful to enlist a volunteer who can take the food outdoors whilst you continue cooking indoors. If you have space outside, you could put all of the no-cook food items such as bread, salads, dressings and condiments outside for your guests to help themselves to.

Propane Gas grills practically appear in all forms and types. The kind of grill you get need to actually depend on what you plan on employing the grill for. If you anticipate camping trips, barbecues at the seashore, or tailgate parties, you may well need to take into account buying/having a lighter propane gas grill. Smaller propane gas grills can differ from in the range from 10 to 40 pounds. Transportable gas containers are also obtainable for these varieties of grills.

So, with some organisation, planning, preparation and some willing helpers, your barbecue should go without a hitch.

There are several types of charcoal barbecue, running from the inexpensive disposable and portable types available in many supermarkets, to much larger grills. Your choice will be determined partially by budget, but also by how and when you plan to use it; a few days a year when the weather is good, or on a regular basis. You’ll also have to think about how large it needs to be. Most cooks agree that around 400 square inches of cooking space is the practical minimum. If you plan to entertain, and a barbecue is a popular way to do so, then a large model, such a Weber barbecue, is a better choice.

For side dishes such as coleslaw or potato salad, allow around a gallon for about four people.

• Create a playlist of your favourite summertime music to play in the background.

There is absolutely no doubt about the malign influence on our health of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, heterocyclic amines and Dioxins. But what we don’t yet know is how much exposure and how long an exposure is required to significantly increase the risk of barbecue cancer.