Basic Picnic Table Plans For Beginners – Picnic Table Plans

On Sunday the weather was beautiful. I lifted the barbecued chicken, (which I had left marinading overnight in my special sauce!) and put it on the plate with some salad. I brought it over to the kids table like a waiter bringing an order. They laughed at me and sat there like a prince and princess at their own kid’s picnic table. This was definitely one of the best outdoor furniture plans I had ever bought.

Step by Step Instructions

After 3 trips to the hardware store, an hour of browsing the outdoor picnic tables and do it yourself plans I finally began putting this thing together. 5 more hours of work and I had managed to completely mess the whole project up. 3 of the legs were too long, the octagon table had somehow managed to become more of a pyramid. Well at least I could blame the octagon picnic table plans and drawings – right? That is what I thought but then my wife kindly reminded me that the plans were still sitting inside and that I hadn’t really even looked at them. I told her “thanks for that”.

Ensure Safety

After I finished the work I treated the table with linseed oil. You could use other finish. Anyway, it is a good idea to repeat this operation annually. But mind you, if you are looking for sealants and taking into consideration the commercially available water seals for decks, make sure they’re not especially toxic when they come in contact with skin or food.

As far as the tools to be used are concerned, it is best to go in for power tools. A good electric saw will enable you to make precise cuts. Your saw should be capable of cutting the angles needed for the legs, and also for the top, if you are making an octagonal structure. You would also require an electric drill for driving in the screws properly and tightly.

While making your basic table, there are a few things to be kept in mind. It is best to use wood which can withstand all kinds of climatic conditions. Examples of this type of wood are redwood, cedar, cypress and teak. If you use a soft wood such as pine, you should paint it for giving it added protection. If you use leftover lumber, you have to ensure that it has not been treated with pesticides or harsh chemicals.

I wouldn’t recommend pressure treated wood – you know, the green-ish stuff. It smells bad for a long time, the chemicals are not great to be touching. They use copper salts with formaldehyde which is a carcinogen. But if saving money is your main goal, you can use it. You can still have a nice looking kids picnic table.

Choosing the Plans

There are a few things about which you have to be careful about when building your octagon picnic table. As you are required to cut a lot of lumber, you should always use safety glasses. If you use treated lumber, it is best to be careful and follow safety instructions, as it can be dangerous if not handled properly.