Be Stylish With An Oak Computer Desk – Wood Desk Plans

Finally it is time to put on your finish. Your local paint store will help you with your selection. As you apply the finish it usually takes a minimum of three coats. After each coat lightly sand the surface with a fine sand paper I use 220 grit for this process. After the finish is completely dry I prefer to use 0000 steel wool with wax and rub the entire surface of the desk. This creates a super smooth soft finish.

Take your time in weighing the pros and cons before you buy your desk. Don’t just grab one because it fits your budget. Think one step ahead in knowing the right furniture that suits your needs. Do not be afraid to check with garage sale and second hand stores for great quality and low price computer desk as this will give you the opportunity to see what is being offered locally.

The Next phase is construction of the desk. A good set of plans will give you a materials list what you need to make the project. I usually sit down and lay out my project on graph paper. Carefully planning and calculate exactly how much material I will need.

The Recycled Desk

After I lay out the project on graph paper I head down to the lumber yard for the materials. Keep in mind you generally will not find quality wood at your local warehouse type lumberyard. Look for a lumber yard that specializes in high end furniture grade species of woods. In the end you will be glad that you did. Buy the lumber you need and for insurance I usually allow an extra 10% for the occasional mistake. The extra never goes to waste in my shop.

Who says a desk has to be a desk and a table has to be a table? Get creative with your work surfaces and transform a vintage 1950s table into a cool desk or a classic antique flea market find into a traditional office work surface. And yes, you can even buy a used desk and benefit from it too.

For a stylish office, oak is always a great choice for any budget or climate. There is no difference where you plan on setting up your office, whether it is at home or at work. A desk that is purchased for a younger family member will be an investment for them as they can take it with them wherever they go. This makes oak more than simply a desk.

Enjoy your new Desk

It is important to make sure that when you are buying an oak piece that it is actually 100% and not something that is made from oak chips that have been pressed together into panels. While this is still considered an oak piece, the companies may use another material that resembles the oak grain and will not have the strength of an all oak piece. Do a complete inspection of any piece of furniture before you complete the sale and take the desk home.

Build on your workshop style and put up a workman’s peg board over your desk. You can then use it to hang your whiteboard or work and computer supplies like network drives, hubs and other computer peripherals and accessories.