Belt Sanders and Accessories

Belt Sanders and Accessories

A Hefty Duty Power Sander for Big Woodworking Jobs

Acquired a large woodworking task ahead of you? Refinishing furnishings, rebuilding a deck? Then you require a belt sander. Belt sanders are made for hefty duty woodworking, and are great for the first phases of massive jobs, like getting rid of paint or stain, or restoring a badly scratched item. They have a loop of sandpaper (a ‘belt’, if you will) that wraps close to two wheels that spin the belt at a fast pace.

Because belt sanders cut by means of materials so quick, many come with variable speed settings so you can throttle down your sander to get the manage you require. Find out all you want to know about the various brand names of belt sanders accessible, and make an informed determination on which a single is proper for you and your sanding needs.

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The Makita 9910X is a sturdy, reliable minor belt sander. The five.6 Amp motor delivers a belt velocity of 900 feet per minute (with out ever overheating), perfect for removing material at a quick speed. The 9910X is light-weight (about five.7 lbs) and compact, producing it simple to maneuver. This sander operates fantastic with softer woods, but lacks the electrical power needed to move by means of hard wood really speedily. The distinctive nose design and style permits for flush sanding against walls, anything that is not typical for most belt sanders. A flat leading design also enables it to be utilized as a bench instrument. Automatic belt adjustment (and flawless tracking) and a superior dust assortment technique make it less complicated to emphasis on the workpiece. This sander runs remarkably quiet (particularly offered its electrical power), and modifying out the belts is easy. For the value, you will be difficult pressed to find a sander this properly developed.

5 extra sanding belts
Flush sanding
Automobile belt adjustment
Outstanding dust collection
1 yr guarantee

Electrical power
No variable velocity
No situation

The Bosch 1276DVS is a sturdy belt sander, with a whopping twelve.5 Amps of energy generating up to one,550 SFPM. Bosch did a fantastic occupation of creating this sander relaxed to use, with a front manage that adjusts to six different positions and locks in properly, avoiding it from feeling flimsy. The 1276DVS is has a comfy weight and stability, and is developed to let for flush sanding, despite the fact that the latter can be tough. The ‘D’ in 1276DVS stands for dustless, and an adjustable shoot leads to a dust assortment bag to preserve the mess to a minimum. The ‘VS’ is for variable speed, which is the only big difference between this sander and the somewhat less expensive Bosch 1276D . There are only 2 speeds (reduced and high), but they are good to have as this little one rips by way of materials at an extraordinary tempo. The belt altering system is effortless to use, and the belt tracking has no problem choosing up the new belt and keeping it in spot.

Total, the 1276DVS is a reliable, dependable sander with energy to spare. With several added accessories to decide on from (A sanding frame , sanding fence , and graphite platen pad ), you may never ever need to have one more belt sander.

Adjustable grip
Trustworthy Tracking
Variable Pace

Machine gets scorching right after an hour or so
Dust Collection Bag position – it can get in the way

This kit is basically a should have for any woodworker. It won the Useful Magazine Innovation Award in 2006, and we can comprehend why. The 371K has a really sleek style that is also really relaxed to use. It feels light in your hand but is nonetheless really strong with its 120 volt, 5 amp motor. A vacuum hose attachment on the back is a great touch, getting rid of the need for constant emptying of a bag or canister. The carrying situation is okay, but cutting out the divider provides it a small far more wiggle space for added belts. The only negatives are that this sander can get very sizzling, and the tracking can get thrown off rather simply even though sanding. The two of these problems can be resolved by acquiring large good quality sandpaper (which you should do anyway!). Overall, this is a sturdy little sander that does a good job and is priced well.