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If you are after blinds that are even friendlier to your budget, then you can also shop online for bamboo, matchstick, and basswood blinds. One key point to remember whether you are shopping for custom, authentic wood pre-manufactured, or cheap inexpensive matchstick blinds, do measure your windows correctly. Get a ladder or someone to help you if you have tall windows.

The Hoover Dam was originally known as the Boulder Dam lies on the Colorado River, near the border between the states of Arizona and Nevada. The dam was named after U.S. President Herbert Hoover who acted as sponsor for the project as both Secretary of Commerce and later as President. We’ll call it the Hoover Dam throughout this article to be consistent. The dam was the largest electric power generating station and the largest concrete structure in the world at the time of its completion in 1936. The reason for including this project in the series on Remarkable Project Managers is not because of the “firsts” or “largest” it lays claim to but the remarkable job of managing the project that Frank Crowe did. Let’s start the list of his remarkable achievements with this simple fact. Although Crowe was tasked with a monumental, groundbreaking project, he and his team completed the project over 2 years ahead of schedule!

Real shutters are generally made out of premium types of wood and are sanded to achieve a finish like fine hand crafted furniture. With this being said, many people choose to purchase stained over those that are painted in order to match the stain to the furniture in a room. Stained shutters are also easier to match a décor to when wanting to redecorate a room later on.

The project was almost derailed in 1931 due to a strike. Working conditions were horrible at the site, partly because of the climate in that part of the world (summers in Arizona are notoriously hot) and partly because of living conditions. Construction on the tunnels started before work on Boulder City was completed and workers were forced to live in tents near the job site. Add to this misery the fact that mining regulations in force at the time were largely ignored and Six Companies decided to take advantage of the economic environment by reducing the already low wages, and conditions were rife for strike. Six Companies would not be budged from their position and it fell to Frank Crowe to deal with the strike as best he could. He did this by remaining steadfast in his position that workers could either accept the reduced wages and working conditions or quit. This sounds like the best way to undermine a leadership position but in Crowe’s case he had sufficient trust points in the bank to weather the storm.

Louvered shutters give homes an authentic historical appearance. Whether Mediterranean, Mission, or Minimal, any style of home can fit with louvered shutters. Depending on the proportions of the room, windows, and furniture, a narrower or wider louver may be more appropriate to the style of the home. Shutters can feature either fixed or adjustable louvers, in any variety of configurations to suit the style of your project.

With energy costs soaring and many looking for ways to help keep these costs down, some individuals are now installing wood shutters. Wood is a natural insulator and can help to keep those heating and cooling bills down. Not only are shutters attractive, they serve as an energy saver. With this being said, many are now installing wood window shutters in homes.

Now the bad news. During the construction of the dam there were 112 deaths directly attributable to work on the project, 76 of them occurring on the construction site. Many other deaths could be attributed to work on the project but were not recorded as such. Many, many illnesses could also be attributed to the terrible working conditions on the project. Here is the dichotomy: one of Crowe’s most remarkable successes was the completion of the project more than 2 years ahead of schedule but cutting corners with safety measures and forcing desperate men to work in unsafe conditions are at least partially responsible for enabling that success.

Replacement windows are just one of the aspects in making your home energy efficient. There are many insulation contractors in places like Philadelphia, New York City and your very own hometown. The many types of insulation such as mineral wool, cellular glass, radiant barrier and reflective foil all serve a purpose in keeping your home efficient in heating and cooling. Doing as much as you can to cut down on utility bills helps to keep money in your pocket and not in the utility company’s pocket.

If you prefer ornate shutters, shutter horns or custom mouldings may be right for you. Customize your plantation shutters further with tailor-made rails and stiles, mouse holes, extra-wide or narrow louvers, or decorative faux lift rods.

Still, once you’ve done your due diligence at the local stores, and once you know exactly which type and style you want, don’t pull the trigger on your ordering yet. Go online and price-compare the blinds you want. The Internet offers a huge variety of blinds, and lets you shop the blinds you want from many different online stores.