Blue Bird House Plans – bird house plans

The ideal material to build it is older wood. Do not use wood that has paint, glue or anything that has chemical on it. It must be real, natural wood. Avoid using metal, plastic, glass or treated wood. The very best material is older, rough wood.

One major difference between making a bird house for Eastern Bluebirds versus one for Mountain or Western Bluebirds is the entrance hole size. For the former, you want your hole diameter to be either a 1/2 inch round hole or a 1 3/8 x 2 1/4 inch vertical oval hole whereas the Western or Mountain Bluebird requires a slightly larger round hole size of 1 9/16 inches or use the same vertical oval size as Eastern. Where the ranges overlap between Eastern Bluebirds and either Mountain or Western Bluebirds, make your hole size 9/16″ so either species can use it, unless you only want Eastern Bluebirds. Your hole should be drilled 6.5 inches from the bottom of the front wall so that it is high enough to keep predators from easily reaching inside and harming the eggs or nestlings.

Bird house also comes in different designs and thus you should select the one that can complement the existing exterior design of your house. It will function as a decoration in your garden and thus you should match its appearance with the surrounding environment.

Bird house plans might also include the ability to open the front of the house to view the nestlings and the nesting process from beginning to end. The front of some houses are able to open on a hinge while having a clear plastic interior to leave the nest undisturbed but still allowing people to see inside.

Bird watching is a passion for many people. A feeling of calm and relaxation is attained when seeing this little winged creatures feed, bathe and interact with other birds. The best and proven method to attract birds to your property is to put up a birdhouse for them to live and nestle in. As a matter of fact, you can put up a bird house even with limited space only. But before attempting to make blue bird house plans or any birdhouse plan for that matter, determine first what species of birds frequently visit your area or backyard. This is essential considering that different types of birds prefer different types of bird houses. For any help regarding what patterns suit certain species of birds, the internet would be the best source of information.

Believe it or not, these kits could also be made as easily by kids. Therefore, building one could be a very interesting project which kids could easily finish in one session. This also works for cub scout groups or for your grand children. You could even make them and give them out as presents during Christmas!

So here’s what I learned:

The most comprehensive guides even showcase plans that are clearly drafted with ultimate consideration for the safety and welfare of the birds. Some guides also include unique tips and techniques that are beneficial for a woodworker who wants to advance his or her skill level.

All in all, making a bird house is easy as long as you put your mind to it. The important thing of course is for you to enjoy what you are doing and the rest is simply a walk in the park. Nothing really beats seeing your finished project hanging on a tree somewhere with lovely birds nesting innocently on your creation. It brings unquestionable pride for you especially for anyone – especially kids – who may have a part on the making whether you used a pre-made bird house kit or made one from scratch.

Finally, the best bird house plans are designed to make the project as “bird-friendly” as it can be. Sometimes this involves the entire habitat surrounding the house you build. You should find a way to provide year-round water and appropriate materials that the birds can use to build their nest. You may need to stop using insecticides on your lawn and change some of the plants used in your landscape.