Blue Bird House Plans Made Easy – bird house plans

Well-designed bird house plans are necessary if you want to make a safe home for birds in your property. Birds need protection and a safe bird dwelling can provide it. Good plans offer maximum protection from predators. The birds will also need protection from the elements, a safe haven from extreme weather events. Finally, there is the issue of making the house healthy for the birds that choose to live inside it.

One great way to attract birds to your garden is by providing them with a comfortable nest in which they would definitely continue returning. Believe it or not, there are bird houses that are already made and there are bird house kits which could be easily assembled on your own. However, if you are adept to working on crafts, you could easily create one simply from any materials that are available around your house.

Once you got a well build blue bird house, then a good emplacement need to be found. Avoid placing the bird house in shady, humid spots. Blue birds like to be in front of open areas with grass and low vegetation. The entrance hole should be oriented to the south east, to keep the wind from coming straight into the front door. It is fine to put it in full sun and to attach it to a large tree, as long as the area in front of it is open.

Also included in the kits are the hardware. The holes for the bird house are also pre-cut. Another good thing is that the holes for mounting it are also pre-prepared. These kits are also made generally from wood cedar as this type is resistant to weather.

Take note that the bird house kits surfaces are either primed or rough, ready to have a coat paint finish. The good thing about this is that painting it is extremely fun. There are colors you could choose wherein you could go for simple or those that easily attract birds – like a paint job that is a lot fancier.

There are several kinds of bluebird house plans that you can use to build a nest box. Depending upon where you live, you will be building a house for either an Eastern Bluebird, Mountain Bluebird or Western Bluebird. Or, where the ranges overlap with Eastern Bluebirds, you can build a bluebird house that will accommodate both species.

The final positioning of your house will have to be considered seriously. To alleviate the problems of poor climate, predators and illness you should ensure the following:

2. Place the bird house at the appropriate height.

As you search the internet for your ideal bird house plans, look out for the ones with a money-back guarantee and great customer support, so if you have any concerns, they can be addressed properly. When all these considerations have been taken into account you can begin your bird house building project with confidence. So take action now and enjoy watching the birds in your garden.

Your design can be as simple or as detailed as you want to attempt. Dependent on the species you want to attract, take these following factors into account: