Bluebird House Plans For Mountain, Western and Eastern Bluebirds – Bird House Plans

When looking at different bird house plans you should be prepared to make yours as “bird-friendly” as you can. Even if this means altering the design slightly. For example, make sure your roof has sufficient pitch to be able to shed water. I don’t know about where you live, but in my little corner of the world, it rains a lot!

If you do decide to finish your bird house with paint or stain, be sure to only finish the outside, never the inside, of the house. The chemicals in finishing products can be harmful to baby birds.

Material to Use to Build the Bird House

On the other hand, not all of these resources can provide you with everything you might need when embarking on this construction project. The guides or plans that you can access for free sometimes turn out to lack all the details crucial to building a sturdy bird house.

Imagine relaxing to the sounds of beautiful bird calls drifting across your backyard. Visualize sharing the miracle of life with your kids as you watch baby birds take their first flight. Think of the warmth you will feel at being able to provide living creatures a safe haven from the storm. These experiences and more are possible when you build a bird house and install it on your property. But if you follow the wrong bird house plans, the chances of experiencing any of these events are small. How can you be sure that you are building the right kind of home for your feathered friends?

Note though that you have to be very careful in choosing these plans. You have a lot of sources that showcase bird house plans. You can find sketches of houses in magazines, books or websites especially devoted to bird watchers. These venues are teeming with diverse house designs.

Thanks to many animal awareness organizations, bats have managed to shed their bad stigma and more and more people are looking for bat house plans so that they can give these beneficial little critters a safe place to call home. But why would you want to spend your time on creating a home for these little guys when they can just go roost in some cave? The answer may motivate you even more than their benefits.

Keep in mind that bat house plans are not the same as bird house plans. Most bat houses are flat rectangular boxes with an opening at the bottom. This is typically the only opening, as bats are nocturnal and require darkness. Grooves must be made inside the house so that the bat will have something to grip onto and climb up.

The first rule is to know the bird you are building the house for. No bird house is guaranteed to attract feathered tenants, but a well-designed and well-placed house will certainly increase the likelihood of success.

You might find it surprising that most of the great plans are actually very easy to follow. Most provide intricate details with step by step instruction, even a beginner who had never done any carpentry would be able to build their first own working birdhouse. You only need to put in time and effort to study the plan, and pay attention to the details of the step by step procedures, and you should be able to complete your own bird house.