Bookcase Plans – bookcase plans

Besides, working with professional bookcase plans dramatically boost the look and uniqueness of the bookcase. Quality bookcase plans will provide you with helpful guidelines and drawings to successfully guide you through the finished product. Make sure you get yourself a plan well adapted to your skills level. There are plans for beginner, intermediate or advanced woodworker for all kinds of projects.

Size is another major consideration. Remember that bigger is not always better; make sure that you consider the size of your room or the space where you plan on putting the bookcase when you consider options. There are many different configurations and sizes available which allows you to choose one that will work for any situation. Look at your space available. A tall, narrow barrister bookcase can fill in that bare space between two windows. If you have a window with a high sill, a small bookcase will fit underneath nicely. As well as thinking about height and width, don’t forget the depth. Make sure that you consider the sizes of your books and other items that you plan to store in your bookcase.

The plans you have chosen should contain a tools list and materials list. The materials list is a good place to start. The list of materials will tell you exactly what you need when you visit the lumberyard or home center. Depending on your plans, most bookcases will require hardwood veneer plywood in 3/4 and 1/4 inch thicknesses. About 50 feet of veneer edging should be used to cover the edges. The type of wood will be up to you but mahogany and cherry are both good choices for building bookcases.

As with any woodworking project, certain techniques will be necessary in order to create a beautiful and functional piece of furniture. Essentially, for bookcases (and most any project for that matter), the most important technique will be cutting your wood square. Rabbet and dado joints are the joints used in most basic bookcases so you will need to be proficient with those.

Clarity of Instructions

Creating something like this at home is never easy without proper preparation. You can’t just march into your house with a wood, saw and a hammer to build this type of furniture. You need to have a plan before anything else. Here are some questions that should get you started with your woodworking plans:

The sheets are quite large: