Bookshelf Plans – bookcase plans

Color is all important. If you tend to redecorate a lot, a natural varnished wood may be your best bet. Always neutral, it will fit in with your changing color schemes. If your style is very modern and minimalist, a white or silver barrister bookcase with slick, clean lines would be perfect for you. If you are very much a traditionalist, bookcases in a rich colored wood will look striking.

Jewelry Box plans. This elegant case can have a simple or intricate design. If there are some spare small wooden boards in your house then you can make this box on your own. It won’t take you long to build a jewelry box as long as the design you use is not to intricate. This can be a perfect last minute gift for a friend or wife.

Where: you should know exactly where to place your bookcase. This means you have to measure the length, width and height of the space allowed so that you won’t build something that won’t fit.

For people that are more advanced with skills, making a few changes to the original bookcase plan will personalize the work by adding more character and uniqueness.

More material for your Bookcase Budget.:

MDf comes in large range of thicknesses and sheet sizes:

Three Tools – I assume that most people attempting their first bookcase project will not have a complete set of woodworking power tools in their shop – things like a table saw, drill press, router table, planer, and all that. What I do think first-time builders might (and should) have is a circular saw, a router, and a power drill. It’s pretty amazing what you can build with just a few reasonably-priced tools.