Bringing Your Home Bar Home – Bar Plans

Its Healthy– I have saved the most compelling for last. You may be asking yourself how in the world owning a tiki bar could actually be healthy. If you haven’t figured it out by now, take a look back at reasons 1 through 4 and think about it. Still don’t know? All of these reasons promote happiness and take stress out of life! Since the dawn of man, we have been looking for the best ways to be comfortable, care and stress free. It is human nature to be stress free and pursue happiness. This day in age it is no secret that too much stress encourages illness and the healthiest people out there are often the least stressed. So whets the bottom line? Having your own tiki bar can and will bring you happiness, value and an overall better life!

Now, you might be asking, “What is thatch?”. Quite simply, thatch is any naturally occurring plant that can be used for roofing materials. Things such as oat straw, rye, barley, and straw can be used to make thatched roofing. The key is that it’s naturally occurring and will be waterproof when constructed properly, preventing rain, sleet, and snow from penetrating it. These materials are woven in a specific pattern to create durable roofing material. When constructed properly, a thatch roof will be just as durable as any other traditional building material but will be much more aesthetically pleasing.

I was not going to let my mate sleep under the stars, so I started a search online, how to build a dog kennel or dog house plans, there where a number of plans to keep your dog safe and warm, the hardest was to pick the right one but we all agreed that our new friend should be warm, safe, and happy.

The local home improvement outlet may not have the thatching you need for your final touch – the roof. You can find thatch and other specialty products for this project online as well. The best instruction manual for building your own Tiki bar is available online as an instant download. You can find resources for other materials there as well.

The most important aspect your Tiki Bar is not the materials used, but the design itself. While you can definitely find many designs on the internet, be sure you are making the right decision when buying your Tiki Bar Guide.

Do some research and ensure that the Tiki Bar Guide is designed by a reputable, professional builder who has extensive experience in building Tiki Bars. You will then get a sufficient degree of guarantee that the Tiki Bar styles will give ideas for a strong and long-lasting bar that will continue to give long periods of pleasure.

1- Buy a pre-built bar – You’ve seen these pre-fab bars before. They cost an arm and a leg and they stick out like a sore thumb when you place them in your home. Unless you spend really big money, it’s very hard to get one of these that actually looks nice and fits into your home well.

Tiki bars create an amazing atmosphere for any party because the mere sight of a tiki bar shifts the people’s moods to a party mood – the feeling of being on vacation on a tropical island and the need for a cocktail in the hand.

Since your job as host will be behind the bar you’ll want to include the shelving and the cabinets that make your Tiki bar a complete entertainment facility with storage for glasses, bottles and equipment. What’s a Tiki bar without a blender? Your instructions should explain how to construct a cabinet and mount doors on it accurately, in steps that a do it yourselfer can handle.

After searching the internet for days trying to find a set of plans that I could follow, I came upon a website dedicated to the tiki lifestyle. The person who owns this business is known as Tiki Kev. He got his nickname because he is known for quality craftsmanship as a carpenter. He started out building custom decks for people. On his honeymoon in the Caribbean he discovered his first encounter with a “tiki Bar”. He looked at the palm thatched bar and took mental notes and decided that he would build his own outdoor tiki bar. This is basically how he started building these island master pieces and now has a lucrative business.