Build Yourself a Bookshelf – bookshelf plans

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5. Laying it Out

When she was finished, we were directed to look around the library and select a book from the “kiddie” shelves. You know the books – they sit lower to the ground (at approximate eye level for Kindergardners crawling around on the floor), are filled with colorful pictures, and very few words. They’re about an eight of an inch thick – and most of that is the binding and cover.

There should be step by step instructions, accompanied by diagrams and illustrations so you would know exactly where and when to put nuts and hinges. Some bookshelf plans even include how-to videos.

Room dimension for your speaker system:

Working with fee plans can give an idea about how to design your woodworking project. They also will give you information about the material that you will need to use in your project.

The recent boom in the do it yourself industry only gives emphasis to the fact that, these days, cost cutting is STILL possible, if only you can do away with labor costs and use your own hands to create something. In fact, in addition to several DIY kits that are available, awaiting you to assemble its pieces, there are also DIY plans such as bookshelf plans that would allow for even more savings as you will actually start from scratch. It means you’ll be even more hands-on and that there will be a good deal of customization – from choosing the material to the pattern and finishing for the bookcase to be truly your own.

The more you learn, the more you earn. Take a look at your bookshelf, your tv and your paycheck. See a correlation? What are you going to do about it?

Before starting on building the bookshelf, have everything in a proper plan. This means that all information you need should be handy once you have started the wood works. Know the measurements, designs if any, details, materials and the style you need for your bookshelves. Have it sketched and properly check if all details are included with your plan.