Buy A Wood Planer To Start Your Home Workshop – wood plane

It would seem that here the problem is solved. And with luck, sometimes it is. But most of the time when you put the edges of four or five boards together, you will find gaps between them. And it can be quite frustrating when you carefully handpicked the boards, to begin with. Gluing and tightly clamping the boards might remove the spaces, if you are lucky. Or, if you have a lot of time, you can select more boards and lay them side by side until you eventually find boards that do fit together tightly. As explained below, a jointer can easily solve this problem.

Pin Router

Veiner: This is a small deep gouge.

Gouge: chisel-like tool with a curved cutting edge at its ends.

For Planing, take the position with the left foot a little in advance of the right, the right hand grasping the handle of the plane and the left holding the knob on the fore part of the stock. Use a long, steady sweep, and bear with equal pressure from the beginning of a stroke to the end, to avoid the hollows that are so easily made by taking shavings of different thickesses. Do not drag the plane-iron over the work in returning it for another stroke, as it will dull its edge.

Chisels are the perfect tool you need to make cuts or if you get rid of protruding piece of wood without damaging the whole piece. There are several types:

The Jack Plane

An adjustable fence lies at right angles to the table surface. This allows the adjustment of the width of the table to the width of a board being shaved by the blades. A 6-inch jointer can only plane board widths up to 6 inches. A 8-inch Jointer can plane up to 8 inches, etc.


The jointer is a high-speed, stationary power tool. It has a table consisting of two adjustable surfaces: an infeed and an outfeed. Between these two horizontal surfaces (under a safety guard) is an opening below which are razor-sharp knives that rotate at a high speed. By adjusting the height of the infeed surface the knives will shave wood away from a board fed through the jointer.