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If you are looking for an ideal gift for men then leather jewelry boxes may be the answer. Many women are at loss on what is the best gift to give to men and if you are running out of fresh ideas, then a jewelry box may suffice. This is especially suitable if he keeps a small collection of men’s jewelry. And who says jewelry collections are only limited to women? Men also collect them for the sheer elegance and powerful appeal they bring.

One thing to keep in mind about reviews; what is a negative quality for one person might be a positive for you. Someone might complain that a jewelry box is darker than they expected, and that darker shade might be just what you need to match your decor. Another person might say that a box is too small, and for someone trying to fit the box in a compact space, it could be just what they need.

If you’re a crafter or wood worker, building a box gives you the freedom to customize your box to your exact needs and tastes. For example, you may want a large mahogany chest or a jewelry box made of teak. You can decide whether you need more earring or ring compartments, if necklaces should be hung or laid flat, and how large or small the box needs to be. Perhaps you want box for your watch collection. You can also choose the woods, stains, or fabrics for the box so it matches your d├ęcor perfectly. The box you make is more flexible because you can build in removable dividers or other options to adapt the box as your needs change.

Hinges come in many different material format and including metal hinges and plastic hinges, such as stainless steel and aluminum hinges. Other choices of material include titanium, brass, and acrylic. Thickness of material ranges and depends on the hinge application. Hinges can be graduated curves or precise circles or can be laser cut to produce intricate inside and outside radiuses. When selecting a hinge consider the size of your jewelry box, weight of the object supported and the material of the hinge.

Another factor to keep in mind is the design of the jewelry boxes. Do I want a pink box? You might ask such questions, but in actual fact, it really depends on individual tastes. It also pays to understand your partner’s taste and personality as it makes the selection process easier. There are numerous types of ring or jewelry boxes available in the jewelry marketplace today such as boxes made of glass, wood and leather. It will be easier to make a selection once you know the requirements of the person you are buying for.

3.) Holy Family Jewelry Box – The scene on the front of this storage box is truly wonderful. It feature Mary and Joseph, with a young Jesus standing in front of them. All three have halos around their heads and seem to be in prayer. Joseph is holding a handful of flowers and in front of Jesus their are two more bundles of them. This would be a great gift for Christmas because of how young Jesus is in it. This box also plays, “Ave Maria” when you open it and has gold trimming around the picture on the front.

The first thing to consider is the basic style or type of jewelry container that you need. You can choose between a jewelry box or jewelry armoire. A jewelry box normally will sit on a dresser top while and armoire is often a free standing piece of furniture. If you have space in your bedroom and if you have a large and varied jewelry collection then an armoire, either a dresser top or a stand-alone model, may be more suitable that a jewelry box.

However, if buying jewelry boxes for your guests simply isn’t in your budget, you can still consider using them as gifts for your attendants. It is customary to give everyone in your bridal party a thank you gift for helping you out on your special day, and this is typically some sort of nice, small gift that is meaningful. For your bridesmaids and maid of honor a personalized jewelry box would be a perfect gift. It is something that they can use and will think of you and your friendship every time they see it on the dresser. You can have it personalized with something specific to your wedding, or you can simply have your friend’s name or initials put on to it. Either way, your friend will be sure to think of you every time she puts away her jewelry.

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