Cat House Plans – Tree House Plans

The last part of building a tree home plan is of course the roof. The roof is where you can be more creative and flexible with the materials you use. If you have any scrap wood laying around, or any type of material that could make a good roof, use it. The main idea of your roof, of course is to keep out rain water. Just remember, you have many options to choose from when designing your house roof.

Nothing can beat the pleasure that comes with relaxing outside the tree-house itself amid the branches and leaves and to this end a deck is a great addition. A deck can either be a part of the tree-house itself or situated nearby perhaps accessed via a rope bridge or wooden walkway. Whichever one you choose is a matter of preference but safety is paramount and so secure railings are essential.

Besides being an activity for the hole family your kids will enjoy hours and hours of play in their tree house with their friends. It is the best gift you can give them, and yourself, for their summer vacation.

This will provide you some basic steps and easy instructions. The book has 50 projects wherein you and your kids will surely love to start with. There are also some projects there wherein the materials needed are from things around your house.

Are you ready to build your tree house? Do you know any plans? Do you know which type of tree you are going to place it? How about the designs and size? Do you know what decors and furnishings you are going to put in it? In this article, readers will surely learn how to make their lists right after they read this informative article.

Here are some of the books which I find very helpful:

I remember when I was a kid we were lucky enough to have a big oak tree in the back yard. The branches were low and the seemed perfect to build a tree house in it. I asked my dad to make me one and he was saving scrap pieces of wood for that.

Any tree-house needs a strong and secure base for the construction to be a success. It needs to be built close to the trunk of the tree and it needs diagonal bracing to add strength, especially if there are no supporting branches or posts. The platform needs to be level and centrally balanced around the tree so that it can handle uneven loads and minimize swaying or movement. In the process of securing the platform take care in keeping damage to the tree to a minimum. Instead of using nails rather opt for rope lashing but ensure that you are familiar with the way to tie the knots properly.

Minimize the work you have to do up in the tree by adding external wall finishes on the ground, including fixing the doors and windows into place. Likewise the roof can also be pre-assembled unless there are to be branches entering it, or if it is an asymmetrical shape, in which case building it on place is the more feasible option.

Home plans for your new house should have space for all the action and festivities that come along with the holidays. Here are some things to keep in mind when in the process of selecting plans for your house: