Cedar Planter Plans – Planter Plans

There are also additional concerns when it comes to wooden garden planters aside from rot. You will also need to take a look at how to prevent pests from taking up residence in your planters. A good preservative solution should do the trick for this one.

Take your plans and materials list to the store when you go to buy your materials so you don’t have to make more trips than you have to. Its pretty frustrating going back and forth for bits and bobs.


When choosing planters, you will need to ensure that it has good construction and also good joints. These features are very much recommended since you wooden garden planters will be in contact with moisture often. Moisture causes wood to expand and contract. It is also recommended that you hang them instead of letting them sit directly on the ground. This can be done if you’re dealing with shrubs. If you plan to put in small trees into your wooden garden planters, however, you may need to use one that is made of materials like resin.

Actually, we can make our own custom planters but let’s admit it – the results will be better if we leave it to the professionals. Just enjoy planning how you want the plant containers to look like.

The painting process is actually very easy and seem to be fun, right? It can be a good activity for the whole family or with friends. You can be creative and playful in painting your PVC window boxes or PVC modern planters. You may come up with a design that would fit a coming occasion or holiday. Start planning now and have fun doing it.

You can also shop around a bit and look for the best wood with which your wooden garden planters can be made out of. Some types of woods are more resistant to rotting than others. You can also paint your planters so that they are more resistant to weather factors. This will also help to complement your garden with your home design and color. When painting, however, it is advised that you avoid stains and sealers because they can potentially harm your plants.

Using a set of cedar planter plans to build a set of planters in your backyard is one of the easiest ways to turn an unused area of your garden into a cool retreat. They can be as simple or stylish as you want and can be dressed up with flowers, herbs or even veggies.

Begin by deciding how much space you are going to use in your yard then get some good plans. When buying your plans, so you don’t hit trouble later on, make sure they include detailed materials lists, blueprints and easy to follow instructions:

Container Gardening has become a latest fad in the gardening world. In fact, it becomes in demand in the current market nowadays. Most people have used the concept of placing plants and flowers on containers for its practicality and versatility. Moreover, the development of planters is particularly intended for various garden enthusiasts who have loved to nurture flowers and bountiful plants within their living spaces. More than that, numerous manufacturers have creatively made countless types of planters in a wide selection of colors, shapes, designs and sizes. Some of these types of plants are likewise available in varying sizes and styles to fit in to every customer’s specification. In fact some are manufactured from lightweight planters, which is more functional when utilized as decorative display in every patio, porch, deck, window or railing.