Chainsaw Woodcarvings

Chainsaw Woodcarvings

Chainsaw Woodcarvings

I admire the work of chainsaw woodcarvers, especially people in my area. It truly is astonishing to me how a chainsaw woodcarver can get a piece of dead or dying wood and breathe lifestyle back into it making use of such an unlikely instrument as a rugged chainsaw.

Several of these images I took at Bear In A Box located in Allyn, Washington.

To see much more operates of artwork carried out by chainsaw artists and students visit¬† Bear In A Box site. I’m not employed by the Bear In A Box I just get pleasure from all the lovely carvings and desired to share just a number of with you.

Image Credit: djonsquidoo


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If you are interested in taking up the craft of chainsaw woodcarving as a pastime, a side occupation, or a total time work, here is a record of some of the tools of the trade. As each carver grows in knowledge, so does their toolbox.

Chainsaw (dimension depends on project)
Chainsaw blades
Chainsaw oil
Orbital sander
Wood torch
Drills and bits
Screwdrivers, hammers, hardware,
Tung Oil
Wood Stain

Stock photograph of a lumberjack lying in the cut of a massive tree with a dog and two youthful girls standing on boards inserted in cuts of the tree.

Cascade Mountains near Seattle, Washington, 1905.

Picture courtesy: Cost-free Historical Stock Images