Chest of Drawers – blanket chest plans

Alicia on ‘Safety First’ – ‘There are so many things you could do to try and prepare for the arrival of your little bundle of joy that you could practically still be preparing when your child is applying to college. We strongly recommend focusing on the basics, like creating a safe environment. Baby proofing certainly counts as an essential. Cover those outlets, eliminate or round off hard-edged corners, put a gate in front of stairs, and lock those cabinets. Another essential is having an emergency plan and numbers handy. When was the last time you and your family ran through a fire drill, after dark? Or made sure you could find you way around with no power? The time to realize you are not as prepared as you like is not when there are little ones who are depending on you to know just that information.’

A blanket chest is also a great place to store out of season clothing. Many families have one in each bedroom for storing sweaters, knit hats and gloves, and coats during warmer months. Placed at the foot of the bed, they also provide a great place to sit while getting dressed or changing shoes. For younger children, the chest can be used as a toy box now and turned into a blanket or clothing storage chest when they are older.

Shopping For A Blanket Chest

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In order to keep your drawers opening and closing smoothly, runners are required. Drawer runners are mounted on both sides of the drawers to add this support, so be sure that the type of runners that are included are made of quality material and design.

Lastly, veneers are an feature to consider when purchasing your chest of drawers. A veneer is a protective coating of superior wood that is glued onto a base of inferior wood. Veneers add an additional look of elegance and quality in workmanship.

Cherry, oak, maple, Eastern pine and walnut have been the woods of choice for centuries. Early America wood artisans, who were actually known as cabinet makers by trade, used oak and walnut mainly to construct blanket chests. These two types of hardwood carry stain very well. Blanket chests at this point in time usually had engraved designs and painted designs that needed a dark background to display them properly. German immigrants created blanket chests that were fully covered in painted designs and are heirloom pieces that are highly sought after today.

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