Choosing a Log Home Floor Plan That is Right For You – floor plans

When you think of renovating your home, you should consider certain factors for choosing the right flooring within your pocket. It would take only couple of days to finish decent flooring for the house, provided you hire good contractor. The interior can get extra beauty and warmth even by choosing the low costs flooring design. That apart, you will get more value for the property when you have ideas for selling the house.

The cost of a log house is comparable to other home types but is dependent on several factors:

Finding Your Perfect House Floor Plans Options

Blue prints of a real estate property can be transformed into 3D or interactive floor plans. Property owners who are willing to design their own engineering plans often look to use architectural design software for 3D or interactive floor plans. 3D architectural plans are illustrations/layout of a property. It is created from the basic blue prints of the building which is further edited to add electrical outlets, plumbing fixtures, windows, doors, furniture etc. This gives a complete overview of the home and the elimination of unused space. 3D home or office plans are a good way of understanding the space around the property and representing the correct measurement of doors and windows for proper ventilation. Precisely speaking, the 3D and interactive floor plans become the final step before the erection of the structure. However, it is difficult to create 3D and interactive plans for reconstruction of a property. Areas of the older plan need to be studied carefully and changed based on the requirements. Plans of existing structure are used and the preferred changes are done with no compromise in the structural reliability of the building. Engineering services also helps in making use of the space to add an extra room to the existing structure.

By and large, almost any residential floor plan can be adapted to a log home, but there are substantial differences and considerations that need to be addressed. One such example is that of room dimensions as they relate to the diameter of the logs you will be utilizing. A custom handcrafted home made from 20″ diameter logs will have a different footprint than one requiring 6″ milled logs. If this is the first time you will be dealing with a log home manufacturer or architect, make sure you are comparing ‘apples to apples’ when discussing interior dimensions. If you want a room to be 14′ wide, make certain that your designer knows that you want the interior of the room to have 14′ of open clearance and not measured from the center of the corresponding logs. Using the example above, your 14′ room could shrink to 12′ if such presumptions are not understood.

2) A floor plan in the shape of a corridor consists of the three main work spaces placed opposite each other. The work areas are face to face making them easy to access quickly just by turning around.

These are just a few ideas that can help you choose and refine a floor plan to fit your lifestyle and accommodate your family’s needs. Your log home company or architect will have many ideas that you may not have considered so encourage them to offer suggestions. Explain what you are trying to achieve and let their experience and knowledge guide you, but in the end, this is your floor plan.

Final cost estimates of the pre-drawn house floor plans are more likely to be precise because the particulars have been figured out. This means a list of materials has already been made out, for example. The chances of suddenly discovering that the building is beyond the budget after all are fairly small. Sensible buyers would happily save on architect’s fees for designing floor plans.

Now the fun begins, and the first order of business is to choose the right floor plan that is consistent with the home you have pictured in your mind’s eye – and the property on which it will be built. Odds are you’ll probably not open a magazine by chance and stumble upon a floor plan that has occupied your dreams all these years. Choosing a plan and refining the design to meet your needs will require some research, self-introspection and creative inspiration.

U-shape: By placing all three work areas each on a different wall, the U-shape open floor plan provides a big storage area.