Choosing Great Solid Wood Furniture – solid wood furniture

Most people are attracted to wood furniture because wood is usually easy to paint. However, there is a little bit of work involved when refinishing a wood item. Most notably, a good sanding will need to take place in order to get the surface ready to accept the paint. Particle board does not take well to sanding. In fact, sanding the wood enough for painting is almost impossible.

Think about the furniture’s style and function – We all want our furniture to look great, so make sure you find something that brings out the style of your home beautifully. Consider the furniture’s function – What purpose is the furniture being used for? Does the furniture have ample storage? Will it be able to fulfill the duties you need it to?

Yes, solid wood furniture is more expensive, but for those looking for the best fine furniture available, they say it’s an investment, since the value of solid wood furniture increases with time.

The most intricately detailed bedroom sets would be out of the average person’s budget if there were only solid wood furniture options available today. Some woods like mahogany can run a pretty penny. Using veneers is a technique that has been around for centuries, and the methods of applying them have evolved over time. Veneers offer a way to for manufacturers to create an infinite number of patterns and wood inlays over less expensive hardwoods, thus lowering the cost of the finished furniture piece to the consumer.

A very distinct advantage of solid wood furniture is its durability. It is constructed, as the name suggests, from “solid wood” that is to say, there is no plywood and there are no veneers. A veneer is a coating consisting of a thin layer of superior wood glued to a base of inferior wood. Solid wood furniture pieces should be made entirely from 100% reclaimed material so as not to harm the environment by depleting the tree stock.

Start applying the oil to the furniture surface using a cotton rag (a polyester – cotton blend is even better) and a circular rubbing motion. As you do, look out for areas where the oil is absorbed into the timber more than others. As it soaks in, you want to apply more to that area. For that reason, don’t be scared to apply the oil rather liberally at first, giving it the chance to soak in. Add more to the areas where it soaks in and then finish the application with long regular strokes with the grain, removing any drips and accumulations around the edges as you go.

Oak furniture is probably the most popular and has been cherished for hundreds of years.

Trouble with Refinishing

The way you furnish your bedroom is reflected in the quality of your sleep and affects your ability to relax. It is therefore important to ensure that this room, above all others is as calming and nurturing as it can possibly be. It is your hideaway and your sanctuary so good, strong, reliable, solid wood furniture is essential.

Having chosen a wood with which to furnish your home office, it is better to continue the theme. Rather than mix woods, which will have different textures and finishes and of course different colors, make sure all of your pieces are of the same wood and fashioned in the same style. This will give your home office that completed feel and an air of professionalism and permanence.