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This garage is a simple structure used by toy collectors to organize, store and display their toy collection. Although little kids may also make use of toy garages, toy collectors need one the most. Since toy collectors essentially do not purchase toys to play with, for them, a garage is more of a display case rather than a storage shelf. Thus, a toy collector should definitely think of the best way to have his this structure built. You need to think of a strategy that will make all of your toys visible and easily accessible (for cleaning and organization) yet still organized no matter what.

Toys are used in play by children, adults and pets. The difference a toy has from a game is that toy play does not have clearly defined goals; that is if you do not play with my brother. Today, huge toy chains, like “Toy-R-Us,” carry a vast assortment of different toys for any age and background, covering the needs of children and parents. But while parents spend a small fortune on acquiring the latest model of their son’s favorite car toy, the young boy will continue to play with the old one and although he will at the beginning be extremely happy with his new possession, the old car that misses a wheel and a door will never leave its bed.

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The number of wooden toys is almost infinite, as well as giving much joy to their young owners they can also be of an educational nature. Games like dominos can help with counting skills and simple blocks with numbers, letters, or pictures can be of enormous benefit to young expanding minds. Puzzles can help with coordination and shape recognition.

If you’ve been put in charge of your office’s next party, chances are you are hoping for the best and expecting the worst. Take your next office party from boring to party central with fun desk toys, fun decor, office games and (best of all) cool prizes that your coworkers will actually want (sorry, no fountain pen prizes this year).

If you are a woodworker and have children or grandchildren the idea of making some wooden toys has probably crossed your mind. Toys made out of wood are great for preschoolers and toddlers because they’re lightweight and can take a pounding. Actually they practically last forever.

Not all wooden toys are meant to be played with. Some are so delicate and beautiful that they are meant to be displayed only. If you do some research you can find some amazing wooden pieces of art that you would never let a child near. To make something like this would require you to have excellent plans and be a top-notch woodworker.

Toys are not only for kids. Adults need the relaxation and the memories beloved toys can bring back to their memories. I still have in my room the Rubik’s Cube which I managed only once to solve and numerous times I thought of taking off its colored rectangular stickers and placing each color on every side. I never actually did it because I was afraid of the consequences if I destroyed my fathers favorite toy. When I understood that solving the cube requires some planning and problem-solving skills, I was determined to succeed and I still remember the joyful screaming when I managed to “solve” its mystery; probably by accident. Since then, I have been catching myself thinking of my favorite old toys, like Lego and Playmobil, not very girly I know, and recapturing the times I was playing in our then common room with my brother.

Ride on toy plans are popular and numerous on the web, varying in difficulty and price, or many free! Most have wooden wheels and are propelled by pushing with the feet, but the hours of enjoyment and durability will please you for years. The majority of the wooden toy plans are designed with the younger child (2-5 years) with a few that may be suitable for children as old as 6-7 years old.