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To give you an idea how much buying a used shed or an already made shed might cost, I went onto Craigslist to check out some prices. Here’s the top three listings I found when I typed ‘sheds’ in the ‘For Sale’ search box:

The phone number on the sign should be prominent and large enough for visitors to read from the road. It should be prefixed with a statement like: “For more information on this wonderful home, call 555-5555”. Set up a phone number that is separate from your normal phone number and specific for the purpose of selling your home.

Although Ace Hardware has a great online store, they also have 5,000+ retail stores. Their large volume buying power helps them leverage great prices on a variety of the basic woodworking tools that you use regularly.

Next, notice if your patio furniture plans are high quality. We’re not trying to sell furniture at a yard sale… at least, that’s never been my goal. If you have the choice between building something that’s cookie-cutter, or truly crafting a breathtaking piece of art, it should really be a no-brainer. Quality wins out every time, so please make sure that the plans you’re looking at offer designs for pieces you would be proud to call your own.

Some other tools you need to include are hand saw, screwdrivers, 16 ounce claw hammer, safety glasses, pliers, tape measure, sand paper, wrenches, level, hack saw.

For power tools you will need to be careful about buying second-hand and you should only consider buying these from reputable sources.


Squares are necessary for appropriate measuring. You will need a framing square or even a carpenter square. A try square is often applied to household furniture making. These are available sizes from three to twelve inches. Look for squares which were marked in inches and metric. A combination square comes with two pieces: a head on an iron blade. These are definitely an ideal tool for measuring 45 or 90 degree angles.

While it is always good to save some money by purchasing used woodworking tools or equipment, you may find buying second-hand or used can be false economy instead of a good investment, if it is either unsuitable for the intended task or is of such poor quality that it will not perform the job for which you intend it.

Finally, it is a really good idea to ensure that your plans include material lists. That is, each individual plan should very explicitly list each and every tool and material you’re going to need to complete your project. Oh, the frustration of getting 3/4 of the way finished with a project only to discover that you’re going to need another $250 in supplies in order to finish it! This is not a situation you want to encounter, so do your best to make sure your plans let you know in advance.