Commercial Planters – Planter Plans

So, how can you captivate the interests of your customer and continue to pay their expectations? How can you enhance the old, bland look of the location? Here are the valuable tips for you.

It may sound odd, but most business owners are using these commercial planters and modern planters as their decorations in both indoor and outdoor setting. For example, if you want something physically bold with elegant curved shape, Metropole planter is an excellent choice. This outdoor planter offers an ingeniously flexible hybrid of design elements that can absolutely change the appearance of the restaurant and solve those architectural dilemmas.

You can hang two or three hanging outdoor planters from the roof of your deck to add a splash of color to your entire deck. One great way to use hanging planters is to match the color of flowers in the planters to the colors in your outdoor furniture cushions. This will make your entire deck seem brighter and alive with color. For those of you who want their deck to be a little more private then hanging several planters with long trailing plants along your deck roof with give you the sense of privacy that you long for while creating a wonderful and beautiful ambiance for you to enjoy. By choosing large colorful flowers to put into your hanging planters you can create the feeling of being in a tree house in the middle of a rain forest.

Choosing to use wooden garden planters in your garden can help to make it look more natural and can also lend a better growing atmosphere for your plants. Wooden garden planters are said to be very much in because of the antique look that they provide. They are also ideal for larger shrubs and can even contain small trees.

Garden enthusiasts have thought of several ways to create more unique plant planters. Along with this arduous search, they have finally found out the importance of large planters, which are actually very useful ornaments for big houses and commercial establishments as well. Moreover, it has been specifically crafted to bring colorful and lively ambiance to your home. Nowadays, you can finally have large planters by just a single click. Suppliers have their own websites where you can directly order at a discounted price. They usually come in various sizes, shapes, designs and colors to suit your specific needs. Most large planters are made of common materials such as metal, glass or concrete, indeed you have a wide range of options to choose from. However, you need to take important considerations before purchasing it, to finally own the best planters you have ever wanted.


Large fiberglass planters will always give your home or place a whole new look. However, if you are still quite confuse on this matter, it would be better to consult a professional gardener or gardening expert, who could enlighten or supply you with amazing gardening ideas.

The last and most important thing to check any planter for before purchasing is drainage holes. If you are planning to put dirt and plants inside of them, then a drainage hole is absolutely mandatory to prevent plants from drowning and developing root rot. If your planter does not contain drainage holes, you can drill them yourself using a drill bit that is at least 1/2- to 1-inch in thickness. Smaller holes will have a tendency to get dirt clogged up in them. You will also want to line the base of your planter with 1-inch or so of pebbles or broken pottery shards to prevent all of your potting soil from escaping.

Outdoor planters can be used in a number of ways to add bright color and the wonderful scent of flowers to your deck or patio. By using planters to help create your outdoor patio or deck decor, you are free to change your decor at anytime without worrying about tearing down anything that is built in. It also means that you can move the planters around until you get just the effect you are looking for. Here are just a few ways that you can use outdoor planters to create a wonderful relaxing decor.