Complete Guide to Birdhouses – How Many Bird Houses to Put Up?

So you’ve decided that you want a birdhouse or birdfeeder. There are many questions you may need to ask, such as do you want to buy one or do you want to build a birdhouse? How many birdhouses should you put up in your garden? Where in your garden should you put them?

Also, what you can do to help birds make nests? How do you keep predators from taking over? What food should I supply to wild birds? This guide will answer these questions and more by providing you with the knowledge to build your very own birdhouse easily.

Also provided is a step by step guide on building your very own bird table and feeder. I hope you enjoy my guide half as much as I enjoyed writing it! Happy birdwatching.

A friend of mine recently spread out the fourteen birdhouses she had been making and asked for help in deciding where to put them in her backyard. Unfortunately, her yard was on the small side so I had to let her know that perhaps she should pick only a few to put up. Of course, she could have put them all up but only a few would have been used by the birds during nesting season.

The types of birds that will nest in your yard or property are determined partly by the habitat that you have. Many trees and dense shrubs in your neighborhood and yard will attract the forest-loving birds while open expansive fields will attract different ones. Obviously, no matter how wonderful a house you built for flickers, they will not set up their home in your yard if you live on a treeless prairie. If you have a mixture of habitats, you may be able to attract a great number of birds to houses as well as to your feeders.

Also many birds establish territories of land and trees where they will not tolerate other birds. Some types of birds allow other species of birds to share their territory. Still other birds, such as Tree Swallows or House Martins, love to have lots of other birds of the same type around.

Remember, you can put up a number of houses for different types of birds. Birds can be a bit choosy in their future home. Some will inspect several houses before deciding on a particular one. You may wish to give the birds a few to look over in your garden, knowing that only one will be occupied. By giving them a choice, you might keep them from choosing that other one in your neighbor’s garden!