Considerations for Bird House Plans – bird house plans

By following these few simple guidelines your bird house should be attracting birds for years to come. To help you to complete your project, ensure that you only use easy to follow, step by step bird house plans that will guide you through every aspect of the project from collecting materials to its final finish.

Choosing the right bird house for your garden

Imagine relaxing to the sounds of beautiful bird calls drifting across your backyard. Visualize sharing the miracle of life with your kids as you watch baby birds take their first flight. Think of the warmth you will feel at being able to provide living creatures a safe haven from the storm. These experiences and more are possible when you build a bird house and install it on your property. But if you follow the wrong bird house plans, the chances of experiencing any of these events are small. How can you be sure that you are building the right kind of home for your feathered friends?

A simple project for bird lovers that they can put in their backyard to enjoy bird watching is a bird house. Frequently, home owners will construct two houses to attract multiple species of birds to their yard. You can find bird house plans for free at various bird society and nature websites.

The basic bluebird house design can be made from one 1″x6″x4′ and one 1″x10″x10.5″ piece of untreated and unpainted wood. From these two boards, you will make cuts for the roof, floor, two sides and the front and back panels. Several different bird house designs for bluebirds include the Gilbertson, Peterson, Carl Little and Dandr nest box plans.

Your other option (typically preferable) is getting your hands on bird house plans for sale. Do not worry about the price as they are more than affordable. Besides, they are worthy investments because they have so much to offer especially to the beginner woodworkers.

Now it is time to install your bluebird house. You should mount your nest box on an eight foot, 0.75 inch diameter galvanized pipe, with the entrance hole five feet off the ground. Mount the box away from prevailing winds and/or the hot midday sun. Also install a predator guard to keep snakes, raccoons and other predators from harming eggs, nestlings or even parents. Install, just under the box, either install a two to four foot long, eight inch diameter stovepipe or a PVC pipe sleeve on the pole, so it loosely shakes and keeps predators away.


Cedar is an excellent wood to use for because it naturally repels insects. This will result in birds finding the house more attractive since they know insects will not be a disturbance.

If you are a keen bird watcher, you should seriously consider placing a bird house in your garden. It is a good approach to bring a little bit of nature closer to your home. Perhaps you reason that you can go to zoo or aquarium to enjoy nature. You even can spend some days to go hiking to achieve the same thing. However, it is always pleasurable to be able to enjoy nature from the comfort of your home. Furthermore, by placing a bird house in the garden, at least you contribute to the environment by providing an essential place for birds to nest in.