Contemporary Discount Baby Furniture – Mission Style Furniture

3. Mission style Oak jewelry chest: Have fun organizing your oak mission jewelry chest. Eight drawers lined in black felt give you space to store whatever you choose. Wooden jewelry armoire has a toasty warm, mission oak finfish. It has two side cabinets with necklace hooks. Top lifts to mirror and ring storage.

When it’s time to furnish your new baby’s nursery, discount baby furniture can be an excellent choice.  You prefer the sleek lines of contemporary home furnishings, and your baby’s room is no exception.  With a discount mission-style crib, you can show off you style and good taste without breaking the bank, and create a cozy and comfortable sleeping environment for your baby at the same time.

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The basic design that relates to the style is that of flatness and straight vertical and horizontal lines. This contrasted with the excesses of the furniture of the Victorians.

True modern furniture is actually crafted by hand. Today’s versions however are machine made, but they still maintain the simplistic design and classic elegance. Because of its rugged appeal, craftsman style decor is best coupled with warm tones, resulting in an Earthy look and feel.

If you’re a person who loves the rich look of wood grain and classic, simple lines, you’re bound to like Mission style kitchen cabinets. These beautiful cupboards are done in the Amish style, much like Mission style furniture. Usually constructed of either beautifully-grained light or dark oak, they look both hand-crafted and elegant. Many of the top American cabinet makers offer lines of mission style cupboards, accessories, and pantries which will make your kitchen look great.

According to Wikipedia this was first launched late in the 1800s. Mind you “launch” is probably not what they did in those days. It was named by Jose McHugh and was so called because it was first found in the Spanish missions in California.

Your sunroom design style can be vastly enhanced by good use of window treatments. Putting up blinds with this decorating scheme generally works wonderfully, but you should be certain they are not too modern looking. Basic wooden blinds that don’t detract from the d├ęcor are ideal.

Mission style outdoor lighting is widely available on the market today. The many beautiful choices include wall sconces, chain hung chandelier and pendant fixtures, post and column mounted fixtures – all perfect for your deck, porch, or outdoor living room and kitchen. These light fixtures are of strictly geometric design, featuring stained or slag glass, or translucent mica, set into a frame made of wood or metal. Lighting fixture color schemes are earth tones such as cream, amber, deep greens and browns, burnt yellows and oranges, dusty rose, sapphire blue. These outdoor fixtures will look and feel hand crafted even if they are not. Tiffany style glass panels in geometric, right angle designs are also easy to find. Because Mission lighting is made for inside and outside, you can coordinate your interior and exterior decorating. Great, because that holistic design approach is a main tenet of the Arts and Crafts philosophy!

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