Creating and Furnishing Your Own Dream Doll House – Doll House Plans

It’s tempting to go to the craft store and buy everything you need for a doll house new. But it sends a better message to your children, and is cheaper, to use materials you already have around the house.

You should start planning your doll house lighting even before you build your house. The reason for this is your dolls house will look it’s best if you can disguise the wires that run to the electric lights by cutting grooves in the floor’s of your dolls house to run the wires along and this is easiest to do while the dolls house is unbuilt.

Step 1 Decide on the location of all the lights in your dolls house. Will they be on the ceiling, walls, free standing or table lights? You don’t have to purchase all the lights at this point but you need to decide on the quantity you will be using and where they will be situated. The quantity of lights you use determines what transformer and socket board you use for your doll house lighting.

So begin by searching online for various ideas. Study the way that people have put there designs together. List out the websites you come across and for sure save them as your favorites.

If any of these happen to be your kind of dream, then you can make it a plain and simple reality. The secret, really, would be to come up with a dreamy theme and plan your choices around it.

If you do wing it, keep detailed notes about what you did so that you can repeat the process when your neighbor wants one for their kids.

How do you clean a dusty coffee table or bathroom sink without having to take each tiny accessory out of the house? The miniature proportions of your furniture are part of what make them so fun to collect, of course, but it can also make them very difficult to clean. Here’s the best method that I’ve found for cleaning doll houses with furniture:

Make sure as you finish up this Barbie doll house plan that you do look deeply inside of who you are. Gather all the uniqueness inside to help make this design your own. Inside of you is the only way to truly and definitely make this an original design for Barbie.

Step 3 Once you have your socket board it is time to decide where it will be positioned. This is the heart of your doll house lighting system and should be placed somewhere that is easily accessible. For front opening dolls houses the best place is on the back of the house positioned centrally and at the bottom. Once you have done this stick your socket board to the doll house, most boards have adhesive tape attached but you could use double sided tape.