Creating Sound Wood Chess Boards – My First is Pictured Under

Creating Sound Wood Chess Boards – My First is Pictured Under

My Firsts Endeavor at Producing a Solid Oak Wood Chess Board.

I have kept Dads hand made wooden chess board for years and constantly thought about trying to make my own and have ultimately identified the courage. The picture here is of my initial reliable oak chess board. It’s not excellent like my Dads by any stretch but it is Mine and I believe it truly is lovely. I know that I utilized up an extreme amount of oak wood on re-cuts so I would anticipate the knowledgeable old time woodworkers to have a great chuckle but for my initial I just did not care. As Dad would say, there comes a time when you just gotta do what ya gotta do.

This image was taken right after he had learned how all the pieces moved and he was truly enjoying a game.

I got the surprise of my existence one particular day when I came home from function and noticed my son sitting in a chair with his back to that divider, wearing my bath robe, with the chess board all set up and my pipe in his mouth. (No, it was not lit lol)

Are you ready to perform Dad?
But of course. lol


You can see from the picture that I experimented with to copy my Dads design relative to how he had his grain staggered and not working in only a single path. (If you missed seeing a picture of the board my Dad made you can examine the report by clicking on the link beneath.) With that I will have to try out yet again. This board is manufactured of solid 2 inch squares that are 1 inch thick. I added side-bars and an oak rectangle which has been handled in buy to hold coffee mugs.

During the approach of making this board I truly identified just how hard oak word was to work with. Tried several diverse saws in cutting these two inch pieces with possessing the ends fractured even employing sacrificial wood to avert it. Nevertheless understanding but I lastly located a actual fine-tooth blade for my table saw and it did the best task of them all. Fine tooth cross-minimize is what I feel it is.

I have given that built other boards using oak, walnut and cedar from an previous cedar chest that somebody was prepared to burn up. My latest nevertheless is something completely different or lets say distinctive. I could just sneak it in on the following article and let it be a shock but I will inform you that the board ‘squares’ are neither square or rectangle.

One more venture which I commenced about a month in the past was to in fact hand carve chess pieces. Well, I have sixteen pawns and each and every has its personal personality. Some are quick, some are skinny, some are unwanted fat and others are tall. lol So, about two weeks ago I made a decision to acquire a wood lathe. Whole new globe and exciting. Did a minor better due to the fact I’ve narrowed the new pawns down to quick or extended personalities and I feel that what I really need to have to do is get a lathe duplicator and some far better cutting tools or a sharpener for the ones I have.

We shall see.

For those who know chess, she is now set in a trap where will quickly shed both her queen, the game or each depending on how merciful Dad felt. LOL
Credit to her for striving.