Custom Computer Desk – Desk Plans

Hardwoods are often used for building desks, and of course frequently more expensive. You can get a hardwood appearance by using a softwood like Pine, staining the finished desk then finish with a clear lacquer or polish.

If the desk plan does not have the options you want you’ll be able to add them, very often you can find the function you want on another plan.

Now figure out what hardware you need in arm’s reach, and which you can tuck away. Your router, for example, could be placed on a shelf higher up…but you’ll need easy access to your printer. Also be aware of how much cord storage you want, and where the main outlets are.

Most people have a personal computer or laptop at home and computer desks have become a necessity. There are many websites that provide comprehensive information on computer desk plans. The roll-top desk is one of the most popular classic designs for a writing desk. It features a special sliding cover made from hardwood slats, called a tambour. A number of variations on the basic design are possible. Tambours come in two widths, 50 and 60 inches each. Working within this width, a standard version of the roll-top desk is 53 inches wide and the wide version at 63 inches has more leg space. Two small, independent shelf units also called as Pigeon holes can be added to your computer desk if you have a thin lumber. This hardly takes time and not much physical effort is needed. The plans for building a double top roll up desk are also simplified and available on the web world. Another type of popular computer desk is the modular desk. The desk construction is unique, in the sense that it involves assembly of modular components. Also, there are several drawer designs which can be created.

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Okay so you might be really interested in making a desk from a woodworking plan. You perhaps already have an idea in mind or maybe you are undecided as to the precise type of desk you want to construct.

Apologies, I got just a little off course there, even though it’s important for building your desk. Back to woodworking plans for a desk, check out several plans before you determine which one is the best for you. Good luck with your build, nothing more satisfying than seeing your finished woodworking project.

Even if you cannot find a plan that meets your whole requirements, when you have a little woodworking experience you’ll be able to modify the plan so that it does.

What else do you need in your computing area? Consider anything that is not equipment as software program for desk-planning purposes. Pens and other supplies, manuals, video games, disks…anything you use on or at your computer desk should be written down.

A search for computer desk plans available at web sites on the Internet will turn up thousands of woodworking sites with plans available. The prices for the plans will vary with the method you choose to obtain them. Some sites will be happy to mail you a set printed on paper. Other sites will only have downloads available, leaving the printing all in your hands.