Decorating Your Deck With Planters – Planter Plans

1. Material. Decide what material to use for your plant containers. Some of the commonly used materials are stone, PVC, and fiberglass. These three makes durable planter boxes.

Another terrible, but equally inexpensive, planter choice is thin, machine-made terra cotta. These planters are also very likely to crack and break in freezing weather. If you like the look of terra cotta, a better choice is handmade terra cotta that is at least 1/2-inch to 1-inch thick. The thickness of the clay will help to prevent cracking and breakage.

Since the Halloween is a short holiday, there is no need to put much decorations in your home especially when Christmas holiday comes after this. Using custom planters that are designed for the Halloween are a simple yet functional way to decorate your home for the holiday.

Most people enjoy creating their own pumpkin planters and carve them with a spooky face. For plant lovers and garden enthusiasts commercial planters that are designed for the Halloween that will save you from the burden of creating your own spooky custom planters. These artificial modern planters are long lasting compared to real pumpkins. So you can keep them after the Halloween and use them again next year. Most of these commercial planters have built-in drainage system for easy maintenance and indoor use.

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6. You may now put your plant inside the pumpkin and put it in your porch, garden, or inside your home.

Concrete blends are usually a mix of fiberglass and concrete. This combination works really well because you can create the look of stone or slate, while at the same time getting the lightweight feel of fiberglass. These planters look really great in highly geometric, very contemporary shapes and settings.

Outdoor containers can be a wonderful way to add focal points throughout the garden. In many urban areas, the primary means of having a garden may be through a series of planters set up on a roof or terrace. Whatever your particular situation, it is important to choose planters that are not only beautiful, but are also built to last.

Among my favorite planter materials are fiberglass, high-fired ceramics, and concrete blends. Fiberglass planters look and feel a lot like thick plastic, but they can be painted to resemble glazed ceramics or other materials to a great degree of accuracy. Fiberglass is much more durable than ordinary plastic. It won’t tend to crack or break, and it is lightweight, which makes it an excellent choice in areas where you may want to move the pots around from time to time.

For those who enjoy creating custom planters for the Halloween, all you need to have is a pumpkin and a little creativity. To make it easier, you can put the plant along with the pot inside the pumpkin planter instead of putting the plant directly into it. Here’s an easy and helpful tutorial on how to create a Halloween planter: