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As soon as I get a glass top dining table that I like, I’m going to overhaul the living room furniture as well. I require to obtain rid of my couch, as it looks like a frat home reject, and then move on to the bedroom. I could use a new bed, nightstand, and bureaus up there as well. If I’ve any funds left over after taking care of these three rooms, maybe I can do anything about my aging kitchen appliances.

Finishing: `Walnut and mahogany` always provide traditional `Wood` look to a piece of dining furniture! Finishing of a `Cherry; oak and pine, tend to look more casual to the visitors. A new technology of `Furniture Artistry` includes a term called `Extensia` which means that the length of the `Dining table` can be extended to a desired level of easy accessibility. (These featured overlapping panels can be extended to nearly double the table’s length.) How concerned are you about staining and scratching? A wood tabletop is more susceptible to damage than glass, but can be refinished if needed. Traditional wood tables are a bit more forgiving, because they tend to feature carvings or figured veneers that help hide irregularities in the surface, while contemporary wood tables have little to distract you from errant scratches or water rings. Glass-topped tables are less susceptible to spills and staining, but show fingerprints more readily, so they require some diligence to maintain. Many hosts don’t like glass tabletops because you can see your guests’ laps and feet, but table settings will usually obscure the view and converting a `Transparent` view to `Translucent` view.

o Leave 36″ around the perimeter of the table to allow easy access for all guests without bumping into the table or other guests.

Knowing what it is you need from your table and what it is you want will ensure that you choose a design and style that fits your needs and personality. After all your dining table is an important part of your room décor.

o Reflect the house

Oak dining tables are made from high grade hardwood which has a striking grain. This furniture is very durable that can pass on as family heirloom from generation to generation. Homeowners choose oak furniture for quality and beauty. They stand for classiness. These are expensive type of furniture but are wise investments in terms of longevity and value. When it comes to costing, mahogany is priced more than oak and pine tables are priced less than oak furniture.

After all dining room should provide enough space for people to sit comfortably without touching the other person and also provide space for others to walk around.

The next decision when choosing your dining table, is what material it will be made out of. Recently, glass top tables have been a huge hit. But, if you have children, a glass top table, may not be a great choice. If your children will be using the table for more than just eating, you will soon find out that hand prints are your worst enemy! If you plan on using glass cleaner on your table top every day, then it shouldn’t be that big of a deal. But, if you’re like me and you only brush off the crumbs after dinner, then a glass top probably isn’t for you. Also, think about how the glass is attached. Unless you get one where the glass is fitted into another structure, then most likely it either stays in place with suction cups or small rubber pieces. Although the glass is normally very heavy, if you have children constantly leaning on the edge of the table, or reaching across the table and putting weight on the edge, then the glass can and will eventually slip out of place. Wood tables are always an option. In fact, you can choose wood in almost any colour to match your décor. Wood is known to be very sturdy, and is a favourite with parents everywhere. While, it’s not as easy to wipe clean with glass cleaner, it can and will withstand crayon, marker, and even the occasional action figures fighting karate style on it. The plus is that you can find a wooden table to match with just about any decorative style. The final choice is marble and granite. These tend to be very pricey compared to glass and wood. If your style is more traditional, then this may be the perfect match. Granite and marble top tables can be a hassle when you have young children at home. You must be sure to clean up spills immediately, and always use a coaster under drinks. You also cannot use just any household cleaners on granite and marble. This may be too high maintenance for someone with a busy lifestyle.

The Size

For a great way to find the perfect dining table for you and your family, the thing to do is to hit the Internet for some online shopping. It’s fast because all you need is a computer to do it and it allows you to easily comparison shop through the different products and their prices. Once you do find something you like, it generally will be at a reasonable price and it will be shipped right to your home. Now that is convenient.