Diversity in Lesson Strategies Using Technology

Diversity in Lesson Strategies Using Technology

Why Save The Trees?

Grades six-9 SOL Objectives: LA 6.1,6.two,six.3d,six.5,6.six MA six.18,6.20,six.seven,6.8,six.9

SCI 6.9, six.one a-k, six.2d SS USII.five a-d, USII.7, USII.8


To understand that trees are a worthwhile natural resource, and with no their survival, technologies and lifestyle as we know it can adjust drastically.


This lesson introduces the background of trees, not just the type of trees. It discusses why they have to be saved in purchase to keep benefit humans, animals and our Earth. Students will discover by about the historical past of plants and that they have been close to on the earth longer then any other organism. This lesson will focus on the previous use of our natural resource and the options we have in conserving trees to proceed supplying some of the groundwork for the factors we need to survive in the following century.

College students will be introduced to the “Tree Physician” and find out what they can do to support save the trees. The will also be created aware of occupations that are targeted in the location of forestry.


Planning Ahead


1 Black and white notebook (or equivalent) to maintain your study and information

Your On the web World wide web quest Sheet – QUESTO

Personal computers- bookmarked portal or pages

Printed info in case the electricity goes out and computer systems do not work.

Sites can be downloaded to a CD in situation the web is down, you can function off line

Worksheets-graphic organizers

VCR/DVD players, video and personal computer projectors

Application- Inspiration, National Geographic, WINDOWS on Science


o An Introduction to Trees

o Finding out About The Previous

o Appreciating Trees

Have college students preview their QUESTO sheet. This sheet will direct them to websites and pursuits that will assist them transfer what they know, what they need to understand and how they can compile data to decide what they can do.

By employing the computer lab and a principal personal computer, show the students a tabbed edition of the websites they will go to right now. Depart a tile version on the display so that navigating will be easier.

This net quest is intended to lead college students to realize that our natural resources are a lot more and much more limited. That the tree has been all around longer than any other organism and in our lifestyle time we may possibly see it grow to be extinct. College students will also be motivated to help the issues we need to do to save the trees for a greater future.


Discussion:Where do trees get the nutrients they need to grow?

What do trees release into the atmosphere that humans want?

What do we know about tree development and age?


o College students will understand how people, animals, and the earth advantage from trees

o College students will find out about the background of the oldest residing factor, and their potential

o College students will work by means of staff pursuits and web quest on-line and discover how to seem for specific information.

Inquire students to tell you how we advantage from trees.

Have the college students search through the QUESTO and inquire person teams to connect the data from what they feel the articles or blog posts will be about with anything they have realized ahead of.

The following world wide web pages are used in the world wide web quest:

On the freenetwork.umn.edu/little ones/ website you will locate routines and details.

United Streaming Video on the web -Trees: The Biggest and Oldest Living Issues

Wesavetrees.com web site has a wonderful report named:What Can We Do to Conserve Trees?

Lab Venture: Produce a terrarium to grow and get house.


Students will present their data in their notebooks.

College students will be able to examine the goal of the lesson and finish the K-W-L sheet

Students will make a terrarium and experiment with distinct soils/ document information.

The place does it come from?

How a lot did we have?

What do we have now, why less?

What is water utilized for?

What will come about with no it?

What can we do to save it?

College students might use any sources to full the sheet.

There is a saying: “Ancestors plant trees so that their offspring can have shade.”


Language: The Lorax by Dr. Seuss

Math: Measure the age of a tree by it really is rings

Science: Visit a paper mill or newspaper plant

Social Science: Join and environmental club

Employing THE NEWSPAPER- Existing posts/occasions about trees

Added Sources

The Great Globe of Trees on the freenetwork.umn.edu/little ones/ web site

The Nationwide Arbor Day Basis: Positive aspects of Trees at arborday.org

USDA Forest Service Forest Merchandise Laboratory identified at fpl.fs.fed.us/tmu internet site

Goods Manufactured From Wood discovered at uky.edu/Agriculture/Forestry/conners/WoodUses.pdf web site



Adjustment to environmental situations. Younger folks adapt nicely to adjust. The black spruce is effectively adapted to Quebec’s cold climate

Biological control

The use of organic predators and parasites to minimize the populations of insects that ravage forests. The use of organic agents, such as fungi, bacteria, or viruses, to manage or battle towards undesirable species.


Dense shrubs and stands of little trees of typically unmerchantable species.

Compost (noun)

A mixture of natural matter employed as fertilizer. An escalating variety of individuals are generating compost at property to fertilize their gardens.

Reduce with soil and regeneration safety

Harvesting carried out taking specific measures to avert harm to youthful trees and to the soil.

Domestic waste

The waste or garbage made by the members of a family and which would be thrown out.


A technique formed by the interaction of a community of animals and plants with its setting.

Forest ecology

The research of forests and their ecology, including the application of soil science, botany, zoology, and the like to forestry.


A tree whose leaves drop in the fall, as opposed to evergreens or conifers, which have needles (fir, spruce) or scales (cedar). The maple, lilac, and oak are examples of hardwood trees


A substance that destroys insects.


A layer of straw, bark, or other plant matter employed to conserve moisture in the soil, to safeguard certain fruits from rotting by way of get in touch with with the soil, and to inhibit the development of other plants, such as weeds.


A substance utilised to battle towards harmful animals or plants.


The renewal of a forest. Trees start to expand yet again.

Assortment strategy

A technique of regenerating a forest stand and sustaining an uneven-aged framework by getting rid of some trees in all dimension courses both singly or in tiny groups or strips. The assortment approach is carried out in sugarbushes

Tree breeding

The application of genetic rules to the improvement of trees, this kind of as to resolve a certain problem or in order to obtain a given product.


An ultramicroscopic infectious (capable of infecting with illness) agent.