DIY Dog House Plans – Dog House Plans

When selecting blueprints the options are endless. However, the type of building dog house plans you choose should include these features and options:

You could also opt to use bricks, or even scrap sheet metal. Keep in mind that brick dog houses will generally be a lot cooler than wooden ones, and metal constructions are generally hotter. Insulation is a must with these materials, making the idea of a simple dog house much more complicated.

There are numerous benefits when building dog house plans are use to construct the dwelling. These benefits include:

Breed is another factor in the grand scheme of dog kennels. Some breeds are extremely sensitive to air temperature, whilst others are more or less indifferent. Read about your dog’s breed, and make a smart choice in what type of dog house to build.

– A mid-sized kennel for small dog breeds, such as Jack Russells and Dachshunds.

Building Material Options

Basically, you’ll be building your walls in two pieces: usually a thicker outer wall, made from solid natural wood, and a thinner inner wall, perhaps plywood or hardboard (but never pressure-treated wood, as this is toxic). You join them to the floor and roof in such a way that there’s a small gap between them. The air between them is trapped, and this creates insulation.

Assuming that you don’t want to have to repeat the process after a few months, you must make the kennel strong enough for the rough and tumble of weather, children, lawn mowers and its occupant. Dogs can be surprisingly active inside their accommodation. Rising damp from the ground can cause havoc with dog houses as well.

The most common dog house construction material is wood. Treated pine and plywood are the cheapest, most simple options, but if you want to go a step up there are always woods like cedar. They’re more expensive, but well worth it as far as attractiveness goes.

I’m not talking about putting insulating material in the floor (though of course you can if you want), but rather about raising the dog house up off the ground. Good plans should include this feature. The air underneath the floor acts as insulation, and stops the cold seeping into the house from the earth. It also helps prevent rot, and stops water pouring in through the door when it’s wet.