DIY Platform Bed Plans – bed plans

If you were to begin with something simple like a bench or a table you would learn a few of the basics of woodworking. Each successive project you finished would possibly teach you a different way to attach two pieces of wood together and you could quickly work your way up to the knowledge it would take to create a beautiful bed. Of course, if you wanted to skip that and go straight to building a bed you should start with a fairly simple one and the very first step is to find an accurate and well diagrammed set of woodworking bed plans.

Bunk bed plans can be your key to getting in good with your kids. Every child loves a set of bunk beds. There’s something infinitely charming and alluring about being able to sleep one on top of the other. Kids everywhere have been sleeping on these beds for generations, and this style is just as popular today as it ever was. Plus, it’s an easy kind of bed to build. You can go as simple or elaborate as you choose, depending on your needs and level of skill, and either way, it’s hard to go wrong. This type of bed involves simple construction and easy to find materials, making it a great project for even a beginner..

How high your bed is off the floor is more important than you may think. Your bed should be the perfect height for however tall you are. That will make it easier for you to get in and out of bed. It should also be the correct fit for whatever size mattress you will use. Get the bed frame too small and the mattress will not even go on it and get it too big and there will be some hard surfaces for you to get across when you are getting into and out of bed.

One thing a lot of professionals understand about woodworking that a novice would not know is the principle of stack framing. This principle is all about stacking wood up in a manner that the wood itself is holding the majority of the weight instead of how the wood is attached.

Platform bed plans can help you create the best loft or platform bed for any sized room. There are many different advantages to a platform bed. There are also many different sizes of bed plans to choose from. A platform bed is a little different than a loft bed. The beds are lifted up off of the floor, on a wood platform. This platform can be a few inches or a few feet high. They can have drawers and cup boards built into them to store clothes, toys, or just about anything that needs to be stored out of the way. How many drawers is depends on the size of the bed, whether it is designed to sit more in the middle of the floor or against the wall. A platform bed that sits in the middle part of the room may have drawers on both sides; the wall bed will have access to just one side.

You can buy bunk bed plans at most craft stores, do it yourself stores, and even craft stores. You can also buy them online. By building your own bed, you can customize it as much as you like, so it truly becomes your own creation. Use the plans as a guide for the bed itself, then go crazy on the decorations. Your kids will love it and so will you.

I have built two Murphy bed from plans and have had real good results. In both cases I used a set of plans that also came with the hardware kit. It is just a lot simpler to have a set of plans that is created using a provided set of hardware. If you are an experienced woodworker this might not be that big of issue. However if you are a novice then I strongly suggest you have a Murphy bed plans and hardware kit as a package. This way the plans will be directly related to the hardware.

There are some woodworking plans that are more complex. When you are choosing loft bed plans, make sure you select one that matches your skill level. You don’t have to choose an elaborate plan. A basic frame is really all you need. Once you’ve got the frame built, you can buy the furniture pieces to go under the bed that will create a functional area.

When you are planning for a more difficult, and stylish bed, you need to invest in quality platform bed plans. With complexity comes the need for higher details and accuracy in your plans. Simple mistakes in the plans can create more work and expense as you work on building your bed. With quality plans, you’ll be able to build the bed quickly and easily, and with minimal problems.

Naturally, since your kids will be using this bed, you’ll want to make sure it’s safe. Be sure your plans include guard rails on the sides, especially on the top bunk. Also, the mattresses need to fit perfectly into the frames, the frames need to be sturdy, and the ladder should be attached to the bed and not removable. These precautions, included in most plans, will ensure your kids have a safe night as well as a fun one. There will be no rolling off the top bunk on YOUR bed!