DIY Playhouse Plans – Playhouse Plans

Many home owner associations have very specific rules and may even have an approval process for backyard buildings and playhouses that can include everything from aesthetics and total allowed square footage to distance from property lines, height requirements and more. Be sure to contact your local home owner association for a copy of the rules and by-laws before you decide to undertake this project. When you do decide to go forward it will help the approval process to have a professional set of well drawn plans. This will inspire confidence in your association and get you through the approval process with little problems. Be sure that the plan you select and submit for review fits the association rules. If you plan to scale the project down to meet square footage requirements or make other changes to the plan to fit the association rules be certain to write it on your plans and be very clear that the results will meet association requirements.

I purchased one package that cost $29.99. It included plans for 9 different designs. The problem was, one design was for a playhouse measuring 16′ x 20′! Why would anyone want to build a structure that big for little kids to play in? Not only would it occupy about half the space in most suburban yards, it would cost a fortune to build!

If you want to make something for your daughter then you should seriously consider making a Victorian playhouse which is probably the prettiest of all designs. Your daughter will surely love the design. She would feel like a little Victorian lady every time she’s playing in her new thing. After all, girls love pretty things and a playhouse is one of the most beautiful things that she will probably get.

Even after getting the best and free playhouse plans there are certain things that you would have to keep in mind. Here, you will find out about what it takes to execute the best playhouse plans and build a playhouse that considers the safety of your kids and the beautiful look of your yard.

Every kid wants to have his or her own playhouse. And every kid wants that playhouse to look a specific way and meet very specific need. Some kids demand a huge tree house in the tallest tree, while others want a playhouse that looks like a castle. Obviously you do not have the budget (or the space) to build each of your children’s specific dreamhouses so it really comes down to finding the right kids playhouse plans that make everyone in the family happy.

ยท Level the spot you have chosen by raking it over and clearing away all the debris and small stones; it is advisable to choose the most level spot you can find to start off with. You don’t want to end up with a lopsided playhouse now do you? Once this is done, you can start on your playhouse plans. Most plans recommend 2×6 joists made of treated lumber, you will have to take careful measurements and lay them out correctly before nailing them together. You could put plywood sheeting over the joists to give the kids a smooth surface to walk on.

I know children sometimes get more fun out of the box that something came in than with whatever was in the box, so they don’t need a playhouse to be particularly fancy, it just needs to be safe.

The good news is that playhouses do not really need the same structural details that you’ll find in a real house. Here are a few places in the basic design where you can cut a few corners, and still have a perfectly fine playhouse for the kids.

For the walls, a lot of playhouse plans call for 4′ x 8′ sheets of T-111 tongue-and-groove plywood, which should do a nice job of making the walls solid and weatherproof. I might also look into buying outdoor paneling with a decorative side – something to make the walls look more finished.

If you are interested in making your own playhouse or if you want to know what are the things that you need to make such a structure then you must know that there are playhouse plans that you can get to help you. Playhouse plans are very important for anyone who want to build a professionally designed playhouse.