DIY Playhouse Plans – playhouse plans

While you are searching around, make sure that you use sites that supply complete plans or kits. A building plan should include everything you need to build the playhouse, lists of materials needed, including hardware, and any accessories like slides, doors, windows, and even tips on optional accessories like rope ladders, or cargo nets, depending on the playhouse that is chosen. These shed plans should also include complete drawings and step-by-step instructions, as well as a complete list of all the tools you will need to create it.

A healthy imagination is important for children to develop into creative adults.

If you’re thinking of building a wooden playhouse for your kids or grandkids this spring, you might just be in the market for some good playhouse plans. There are several sources online where you can purchase plans to build a playhouse, but not all of them are good.

Building the Playhouse Floor

So a playhouse of their very own can be just the stimulation to the imagination that they need to “get out and play.”

I also suggest that you get your child’s involvement and suggestions for what they would like in the design on the playhouse. It will be much more fun and they will enjoy learning something new.

Final Playhouse Touches

Decking and Sheathing

If you need a suggestion on where to find a great set of playhouse plans, a friend of mine just used a great set of Cradle Plans to build a baby cradle from a huge library of premium plans. I suggest you check the same library he did for a nice set of backyard playhouse plans.

This is where it gets a little tricky. If you’ve looked around, you’ve seen some pretty elaborate playhouse designs for sale. Most of these plans seem to be made by experienced carpenters, who approach the project as simply a scaled-down version of the real houses they are familiar building. Nothing wrong with having a playhouse built with this kind of strength and integrity, but whether the average DIY builder can take on a project like this is another story. If you know how to build a house, or know someone who does, these kinds of playhouse plans will work fine. If not, take some care to find a project design that is in your range of skills.