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Before you hop in and buy power tools, ask yourself whether a set of simple hand tools will do the job. You will be surprised how much work can be done by a common set of handsaw and a chisel. Therefore, think well before you buy expensive power tools that could be of no use once you get your home renovation work done. But, if you foresee more use of DIY tools in the years to come, buy the best available brands in the market that will give long life and lasting value.

The good news is that it is not only possible but 100% TRUE!

Ok, so I shelled out the $49.97 for the Green DIY Energy Guide, and here is my Green DIY Energy Review, nothing left out or exaggerated.

Their promises, although more modest than their competitors, are also far more realistic. Can you really build a solar power system for $300, as Green DIY Energy claims? Although it’s impossible to know for sure until we try it, we can say this: Green DIY Energy appears to be a legitimate, honest, and trustworthy company, selling a solid product. If you decide to try building your own solar panels from a manual purchased online, keep this product on your short list. From what we can tell, they seem more likely to be able to deliver on their promises.

Now why would someone want to go through the trouble of building their own energy system? Why not just purchase some panels and have them professionally installed? Well, that would be a good option for people who have a lot of money and don’t mind shelling out a couple thousand dollars. But if you don’t have a couple thousand sitting around, building your own panels is an extremely cheap DIY project that actually is relatively easy.

After purchasing the guide I quickly downloaded all the guides and videos (it came with several different manuals, some for solar power and some for wind power. There also were different bonuses, about money saving tips and biodiesels). I was anxious to see if the guide was legit, or it was going to be just a bunch of shoddy writing and blurry images that really wouldn’t help the construction process at all.

I hope this short article clearly communicates to you why Green DIY Energy is the green energy guide with the highest value. Good luck in your DIY projects, and have fun!

Green DIY Energy’s website also openly states that a single solar panel will NOT power your entire home. Rather, they encourage you to build several solar panels (when they cost $98 apiece to built, why not?), and that the addition of each new solar panel will reduce your power bill further. This is a much more realistic approach to how much their customers will save.

And that is the run-down on green DIY Energy!

Several guides actually come with it, there a couple on various aspects of building solar panels, plus one about building your own wind turbine. Another feature of the guide is the video series. There are 6 videos that are meant to be tutorial videos that the customers can watch as they build their panels.