DIY Wood Plans – wood plans

One of the great things about woodworking is that the possibilities are limited only by your choice of wood plans and your imagination. So why limit yourself to building furniture? We have found five great wood plans for exciting and unique woodworking projects that are sure to be fun to build, and even more fun to show off. Here they are in no specific order:


After you have selected your wood plans, bought the materials and shaped them into what is required for successful completion of your project, you will get to the assembly stage. Any wood plans worth their salt will run you step by step through this area but if you are deciding to go it alone or, using plans that maybe aren’t up to scratch, here are some rough guidelines to help you finish your project.

Other things you will most likely need include a tape measure, pencils, chalk line, angle iron, level, wood glue, and hardware like screws, nails, maybe hinges and such. A chalk line is a wonderfully simple way to make a straight line across large surfaces, like plywood. The case is full of chalk. You pull out a string coated in chalk. Hook one end at the marked place on one side, hold the base at the other side, and do a quick pull and release in the middle of the tightly stretched string. The chalk comes off to make a neat line from one mark to the next. An angle iron helps you make straight lines over a short distance.

5. Dartboard Cabinet Plans

This toy crane is awesome once completed. It features a cab that rotates a full 360 degrees, an adjustable boom, and a simple mechanism that will allow the boom and hook cranks to lock. The best part! These toy crane wood plans are fairly straightforward and do not require a significant amount of advanced woodworking knowledge. If you have a young child that loves heavy machinery, you have to get your hands on this plan.

If you decide to work with wood, one of the first things you need is wood plans. You may buy these or come up with some of your own. If you are new at this, you should probably buy or find detailed instructions on building your desired projects. You also might like to start with something simple like a bird house, or a little more ambitious, such as a house for your dog. You can probably find these plans really cheap or even free. Though more complicated ones will likely cost, keep in mind that somebody had to put a lot of time into creating them and invest a lot of money in trying them out and making sure they work.

Why should you pay to use the gumball machines at the store when you can build your own and save your change? These gumball machine wood plans feature a lever-operated release and can be built with very limited woodworking supplies and a simple jar. It is sure to be a woodworking hit around the house, however we recommend you stock up on gumballs before you show your woodworking project off!

3. Pick plans that are intriguing to you. This means that your plans should not only be for really neat, and perhaps even really elaborate pieces, but there should also be plenty of them to choose from.

4. Dog Pull Toy Plans