Do It Yourself Woodworking Plan – Bird Feeder Plans

Hopper Feeders

When looking for a bird feeder plan, that suits your needs, you also have to take the type into consideration. The type of your feeder depends on many things, one of them is the possible presence of squirrels and other critters. Squirrels love seeds just as much as birds do and they will go to extreme lengths to get it.

So whether you love squirrels or hate ’em, these are some solutions to the “squirrel dilemma” that many birders face. You may even have some new thoughts on how you can live with squirrels and keep your bird feeders and birdhouses off limits to these cute, furry critters.

I remember when I was in fourth grade, I had to do a project in school. My dad and I decided to make a bird feeder. He had purchased a book with bird feeder plans in it and he told me I would be allow to pick which one I wanted and that we would make it together.

My dad went through the same scenario last week but this time with my height year old son. He saw all the bird feeders and bird houses in his yard and he asked him if they could make one together. Sure! This time he was so well prepared for this he looked like a high tech grandpa.

Do research the environment and the different variety of birds commonly known to migrate in your region.

When I came back to pick him up, they showed me the nice bird feeder they had made. I told my dad that the plans were a lot easier to get the hold of that when I was little, and we both remembered the story of the book.

safety for the birds is also a concern in building your own bird feeder. You have to make sure that the birds are well protected against possible predators. One way of ensuring this is to make sure there is airflow inside the feeder. To do this, you have to make some small holes on the bottom part of the structure.

Tube Feeders

Deciding on your needs, it’s time to find a good design for your bird feeder. You can draw it yourself from scratch or find pre made bird feeder plans to work from, step-by-step. As I’m no great artist, I prefer the last option, and there’s plenty of resources out there to fit my needs. Choosing the right one is only a matter of deciding on my needs and knowing where to look. Then the fun part can begin, the process of actually building the bird feeder, and even better, watch the neighbors envy the end result.